Academic Excellence Services

The Educatius Academic Services Team is committed to supporting students in setting academic goals and achieving their objectives, helping them navigate high school in the USA so that they leave with a meaningful, personalized plan and are well-prepared for college and beyond.

Led by Academic Director Dr. Sharon Tan, who has more than a decade advising students and a PhD from Yale, we help our students align their college aspirations with an understanding of the ever-evolving college landscape. We want our students to emerge from the process with greater self-knowledge, ability to self-advocate, be resilient, and be well-placed for success!

Using a highly personalized approach, we coach and mentor our students as individuals, recognizing their unique interests and goals. In our student-centered academic advising and college counseling process, we urge students to be self-aware as they explore their full range of options.

To provide meaningful support to our students, we offer two categories of services as an optional add on to the regular high school program:

Academic Advisor Service
  • Suitable for students entering grades 9th to 12th
  • Personal academic coaching and mentoring
  • Personalized Action Plan on course selection, extra-curricular activities, test planning for each school year
  • Monthly academic performance review and coaching
  • Assistance with appointing qualified tutors when needed
  • Test planning for AP, SAT, ACT and TOEFL
College Counseling Service
  • Two day Boot Camp in Boston with college visits
  • Personalized college application plan with timelines and action steps
  • Guidance on college search and shaping a list of “best-fit” colleges
  • Assistance with preparing authentic applications that help students be the strongest college applicants they can be
  • Guidance on preparation for college interview and review of college application essays
  • Regular meetings with students to refine college lists, finalize plans for standardized testing, submitting applications and requesting teacher references

For U.S. college-bound students, it is highly recommended that they sign up for both the Academic Advising Services and College Counseling Services.

For more information or to enroll in our Academic Excellence Services, email or click the button below. 

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