Academic Advisor Services

Suitable for students entering 9th to 12th grade

Academic Advisor

1. Work with a range of students; some with well-defined interests and aspirations, while others are still in the early stages of exploration.

2. Foster active and open-minded collaboration with students, guiding them to develop well-defined goals, and help less-focused students to hone in on their priorities. 

3. Carry small caseloads to allow for building of trusting relationships with students.


1. Personal Academic Coaching and Mentoring
Throughout the school year, provide focused attention to each student, listening and counseling on individual needs in the pursuit of academic goals. .

2. Navigating the U.S. High School System
Help students understand how the U.S. high school system works, graduation requirements, curriculum structure, value of extra-curricular activities and community service, class participation, school culture, interacting with teachers and classmates, and other critical components of a meaningful high school experience. .

3. Personalized Action Plan
Guide students in developing a personalized action plan for each academic year from 9th to 12th grade. Action plan includes course selection, participation in extra-curricular activities, supplementary courses and standardized test planning as appropriate to meet individual student’s academic goals. .

4. Monthly Academic Performance Review & Coaching
Track students’ grades through the school’s online system, evaluate comments from teachers and school guidance counselors, and advise on follow-up action as appropriate. Meet individually with students (via Skype, phone or in-person) on a monthly basis to review progress and discuss necessary steps for development and exploration of new opportunities. .

5. Tutoring
Identify areas where students need additional support and assist in finding qualified tutors to improve grades. Advise on AP, SAT, ACT and TOEFL preparation courses as appropriate. Tutoring costs are additional to the Academic Advising cost. .

6. Test Planning
Guide students in creating a schedule for AP, SAT, ACT and TOEFL testing. Review test scores and advise on test re-take and extra preparation support if necessary.