College Counseling Services

Includes Two Day Boot Camp in Boston 

For students entering 11th and 12th graders only

College Counselor

1. Foster students’ academic and personal growth, and empower them to take ownership of the college application process and their futures. 

2. Hands-on approach to support students in critical areas; from self-evaluation to more practical components of special interest planning, college list building and application strategy. 

3. Help students gain admission to a college or university that fits his/her intellectual and personal abilities, interests, and aspirations, and help educate, counsel, guide, support, and advocate for the student throughout the college application process.


1. Two day boot camp in Boston during Spring for 11th graders and Fall for 12th graders for an intensive college application session and visits to selective universities in the Boston area. 

2. Assist in preparing authentic applications that highlight their talents and accomplishments, and help students become the strongest college applicants they can be. This is a highly individualized and time-sensitive process. 

3. Guide students on college application time table and scheduling of SAT, ACT and TOEFL tests as necessary. 

4. Tailor the college process to meet the needs of individual counselees, helping each student to identify realistic choices as well as “reach” schools. Shape a college list that, based on self-reflection and solid research, offers the best opportunities for finding a great “fit.” 

5. Help students consider finances and other factors that could impact their choice—empowering each student to make the best decision. 

6. Guide students in each stage of the college search, covering topics like what to expect from a college interview and writing college application essays

7. Meet regularly with students to refine their college lists, finalize plans for standardized testing and submitting applications, and request teacher references.