What do your Academic Advisor Services offer? For some students, coming to the USA is the cultural experience of a lifetime. However, it can also be challenging.

From cultural differences to being thousands of miles away from home, there is certainly a lot to adjust to. All of this can make staying afloat in school difficult for some students.

Our academic advisors are here to provide personal academic coaching and mentoring. With a Personalized Action Plan that covers course selection, extracurricular activities, test planning, and monthly academic performance review, as well as optional services like preparation for the SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and AP examinations, our individual-centered approach enables students to navigate USA high schools set up for success.

What do your College Counseling services offer? For highly-driven students, coming to the USA is about maximizing the educational opportunities that are available. Often times, these students seek admission to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities around, where admissions standards are high.

We're here to help. From exposure (our two-day Boot Camp in Boston enables students to visit some of the world's most prestigious universities) to preparation (personalized college application plans and individual guidance on college search and "best-fit" colleges) and execution (ensuring that students have all bases covered when applying) our aim is to help students set themselves up for success in the college admission process.

Though we cannot guarantee admission to a particular college or university, we can say that we'll help students become the strongest applicant they can be.

Who provides these services?
Our Academic Excellence efforts are led by Dr. Sharon Tan. In addition to having a PhD from Yale University, Dr. Tan has more than a decade of experience advising high school and students. Additionally, she fully understands the challenges that international students face when coming into the US education system, making her uniquely positioned to help students succeed.

What kind of student would choose these programs? We encourage all students in grades 9 through 12 to enroll in Academic Advisor Services. It makes the transition to USA high school curriculum easier, and ensures that your student will be set up for success. College Counseling Services, meanwhile, are a good fit for highly-driven 11th and 12th grade students who want additional guidance in choosing the right college or university.

Why would I choose both programs for my student? While both programs are excellent choices on their own, we feel that they cover different academic areas, and are thus more powerful in tandem. For example, a driven high school student with high ambitions in terms of college will want to ensure that he or she is choosing the right classes and getting the right advice. These are things that should be addressed as early as 9th or 10th grade through our Academic Advisor program, which is prior to a student being eligible for our College Counseling program.

How do you help my student prepare for the college application process? For many students, the college application process is stressful, largely because it seems complex and they are left to do it independently. This can be challenging for even the most eager students.

Our College Counseling services provide students with a personalized approach that ensures that they are the strongest applicant they can be. Your student will work with Dr. Tan to develop a personalized college application plan, containing timemlines and detailed action steps customized to his or her needs. Once that's developed, she'll provide hands-on coaching with college search, eventually narrowing the list down to a few "best-fit" colleges based on admission criteria and personal fit. When it comes time to prepare and submit applications, she'll provide feedback on the application and essay to ensure the most compelling application.

How is this different than the guidance my student receives at his or her high school? Are you saying that their guidance departments aren't satisfactory?
Glad you asked, and absolutely not!

High school guidance departments often have excellent resources and provide fantastic services. However, they are ultimately catering to hundreds of students, and this can make it difficult to receive the full individualized attention that your student needs.

Meanwhile, we work with between 50 and 60 students, so we're able to provide personalized mentoring and coaching services to each student. 

We do not see ourselves as a replacement for your student's guidance services — rather, we are there to complement them.

How do I learn more?
Email us at academic.services@educatius.org today!