Meet Dr. Sharon Tan

Dr. Sharon Tan, Academic Director

Dr. Sharon Tan received her Ph.D., M.Phil. and M.S. Biology from Yale University where she was awarded the Davenport Hooker Fellowship for Distinguished Academic Standing. Her extensive experience in education and research includes her tenure as a professor at the University of Massachusetts and Curry College, and as a postdoctoral fellow at The University of Chicago and The University of Texas.

With a deep passion for making an impact on the lives of international students, Dr. Tan founded an independent school in Beijing where she personally mentored students pursuing a U.S. high school curriculum, channeling them to the University of California system upon graduation. Dr. Tan developed a holistic framework for effective academic advising and whole-person counseling, enabling students to build self-confidence and emotional resilience while achieving their educational goals. In Dr. Tan’s own words, “Through these experiences, I found that not only did I connect well with these teens but I also felt it a great joy to guide and to motivate these young people, making a valuable difference at a critical juncture of their lives.”

At the university level, Dr. Tan advised undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Massachusetts over academic affairs including course selection, career planning, and thesis preparation.