Admission Requirements

Interested students are eligible to apply to our Canada SELECT High School Program if they meet these requirements:

Students must be no younger than 10 and no older than 19 when they arrive to begin the program. However, age eligibility will strongly depend on the school district.

Length of Program
This program is for students who are interested in studying anywhere between one month to multiple years in a Canadian high school.

Language Requirement
There is no language requirement for enrolling in the Canada SELECT High School Program. All levels of English are acceptable, though school districts may send out their own assessment test prior to student arrival.

Grades Accepting International Students
Most schools accept students enrolling from grades 8 through 12. In Quebec, students are accepted from grades 8 through 11.

Academic Level
Students must hold and maintain a passing GPA.

Can Students Earn a Diploma?
Absolutely! International students are eligible to earn a diploma, so long as they meet graduation requirements for the high school they are attending.

Program Start and End Date
In the first term, classes usually commence at the beginning of September and conclude in January; in the second term, they usually commence at the beginning of February and conclude in June. Start and end dates may vary per school district.