Boarding Schools in the USA

USA boarding schools represent the elite school system for both international and US students.  Boarding schools are usually competitive schools with selective admissions, small classes, individual attention from highly qualified faculty and staff and have outstanding facilities and programs. Educatius only works with schools that have documented high quality academics and facilities. We partner with American schools that not only offer a great education but also the best possible environment and atmosphere for study, recreational activities and life in general for students.

Where are our schools?

Most of our boarding schools are in the USA – covering regions from New England to California to Florida to the Midwest.  We also can place students in a couple boarding schools in Canada & Switzerland.

Usually, international students who choose boarding schools do so for their strong academics results and college prep programs that help students prepare for and apply to top universities in the USA and around the world. However some international students choose US boarding schools for the unique programs they offer that can’t be found in their own country. 

What do they offer?

All accredited US boarding schools have excellent academics, and many offer specialty programs that vary from school to school.  These programs might be academic such as a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) focus, Robotics, Language or Business (we have one boarding school that has the USA’s only stock trading floor at a high school).  Programs might be artistic such as a performing arts conservatory, a world-class ballet program, film making or a competitive music program. Other schools might have unique programs or facilities such as golf course or horseback riding facilities on campus, or even flying lessons for students who wish to become pilots.

Boarding schools truly provide international students with the best environment to enrich their achievements in academics, arts, sports and leadership – the accomplishments that top US & global universities are seeking.

Who can apply?

Most of our boarding schools accept students in grades 9-11.  Some of our partners accept younger students and other can consider very accomplished students with strong English skills in grade 12.  Each boarding school has its own requirements for admissions and will look at each student’s academic grades, English level and motivation individually. Schools will require a Skype or even in person interview with each applicant before considering their admission.

Some schools are highly competitive, accepting only a handful of students a year.  Some schools have excellent ESL programs for international students and therefore can accept a student with a lower level of ESL than a day school can.  With so many variations with boarding schools it can be difficult to know which school is best for each student.  However our sales and support team will help each student understand which boarding schools are the best fit.

For more information, visit our list of boarding schools here.

Boarding School Application Process

We will review each student’s grade and request and recommend US boarding schools that are the best match. The student can complete our application form and apply for multiple schools.  The best time to apply for US boarding schools is January to March when schools have the greatest availability of space for fall.  Although due to our great partnerships with schools we know when the have space after a deadline, however we encourage students to apply as early in the year as possible to make sure that the best boarding schools for them still have available space.

Most students start in the autumn but it may also be possible to enroll from January.

Program Fees

The tuition + boarding accommodation fee is set by each school and varies from one boarding school to another.  Usually there are additional fees for activities, tips, insurance and international student fee.