Educatius Dormitory & Campus Experience

Living in a boarding school dormitory can be a wonderful experience for international students. Each US boarding school campus will have its own unique dormitory set up. Some dormitories will be in separate buildings, but in all cases boys and girls will have their own separate rooms and facilities. Even within the same campus, there may be various set ups for dorms – double rooms with a community bathroom are quite common, but there may also be quad rooms for 4 students with a shared bathroom. There may be single rooms but generally, newly arrived international students are not placed in single rooms; these are often reserved for highest performing senior students.

Each dormitory has a warm welcoming environment with lot of ongoing supervision from adults who live in the dorm with the students. These adult supervisors, who may also be teachers, not only oversee the dorms but are also available to lend their support when students are feeling homesick or having a challenge at school.

One of the great things about dorm life is the convenience of students’ living quarters to their classes! And many campuses offer a choice of healthy cooked and fresh options at every meal.

On the weekends, there are plenty of activities to keep students busy and active – from sports activities, to regional trips, to university campus visits to SAT or TOEFL preparation.Educatius International offers placements in more than 70 schools that offer full accommodation during the school year. The campus and facilities differ from school to school. Common for all schools is that boys and girls are separated in different buildings and the adult supervisors sleep in the same buildings as the students. Students often refer to the individuals as house or dorm parents and can turn to these adults when they have questions or are in need of support. High security is also prioritized in each and every school.