Dormitory & Campus Experience

There are a number of myths surrounding boarding schools, life in the dormitories and campus food. We wrote about them in a recent article titled The 8 Myths of Boarding Schools. The reality is living on campus at a boarding school dormitory is an exciting experience for international students.

Schools take great care in providing some of the best accommodations students could ask for. In most cases, international high school students will be sharing a room with other students. Room setup can be anything from two students in one room using a common bathroom, to four students in a room with a shared bathroom. Some boarding schools also offer single rooms, but they are usually reserved for high-performing seniors.

Benefits of Living in a Dorm

Boarding school dormitories are like “all-inclusive” resorts that cater to the students’ needs. There is typically 24-hour adult supervision, providing students the chance to ask questions about homework assignments or for help during challenging times. Here are some of the reasons that students love boarding life:

  • Students get to live with friends and classmates!
  • Boarding Schools make campus life fun by offering activities after classes.
  • International students can practice their English in the dorms with friends or through school sponsored ESL classes on campus.
  • Students have access to great and healthy food options during meal times.
  • Classes are usually only walking distance away.
  • Help is always right around the corner, whether it is a classmate or an adult supervisor.
  • Some schools coordinate trips for dorm students. These off-campus trips can happen on weekends or during vacations and can be: visiting the nearby city/town for shopping or sightseeing, going to the beach, visiting the local amusement park, hiking, skiing, and more. 

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