Why International Students Choose Boarding Schools

The USA Boarding School Program gives international high school students the support and flexibility they look for in study abroad opportunities. From academics to extracurriculars and everything in between, boarding schools provide it all to students.

  • Choice of School and Location - Students can choose the exact school that they wish to attend. We work with a variety of boarding schools in some of the most popular regions of the USA, including California, Florida, Massachusetts, and New York.
  • On-Campus Accommodations - Our boarding school partners offer safe and secure on-campus accommodations for students. And while the layout of dorms varies between schools, all dorms are supervised by “dorm parents” — many of whom are teachers. Moreover, boys and girls will always have their own rooms and separate facilities.
  • Academic Opportunities - Students at boarding schools can enjoy the same academic possibilities as regular students, and will receive proper academic transcripts. Some schools even offer the opportunity to earn a high school diploma.
  • Extracurricular Opportunities - Boarding schools provide students with extracurriculars not available at most other schools. From aviation programs to SCUBA, our partners enable students to have incredibly unique opportunities, which also includes top arts and athletic programs. And with sports, students can participate in any sports the school offers with no restrictions.
  • Stability - Students attending boarding schools on our SELECT program have the opportunity to attend the same school for multiple years. And with Educatius having a 95% re-enrollment rate at our boarding schools, we’re confident that there is a school out there that’s the right fit for every student.
  • Predictable Payment - Students pay the list price — there are no add-ons!
  • Ease of Application - Students can apply to several schools with a single application!
  • Our Students Love Their School! - Educatius student Maria from Venezuela shares her experience at a USA Boarding School was the right fit for her: