USA High School Specialty Programs

Educatius offers several variations of its high school programs to our overseas partner representative's students to meet their specific goals. Choose the right path for your students:

Short Term Program - With fantastic locations, students can choose between public or private day schools with host family placement. Students will get a real taste of American high school for a short term. The program allows students to continue with their studies in their home country. 

Diploma Year - Students who can only study 1 year and are entering grade 12 can attend of our public, day or boarding school partners that let international students earn a HS diploma in 1 year. Graduates have used this diploma to gain acceptances to top universities. 

Study in Scandinavia - Students can study a classic program in Scandinavia though our sister company Explorius. Live with a Scandinavian Host Family and get a true life experience. Don't worry, you are not required to speak a Scandinavian language!