Academic F-1 Exchange Program

Educatius Group’s Academic Exchange Program is perfect for international students looking for the assurances and academic emphasis of our F-1 SELECT High School program, but with a lower price. 

If you can be flexible and let us choose your destination, you can study in the USA at a Private or Public High School, for a more affordable budget. Students will still enjoy all the academic benefits of the F-1 program, but Educatius chooses the high school where the student will be enrolled. 

Students can attend for an Academic Year or a Semester in grades 9-12, and students entering grade 12 can even earn a US High School Diploma!

Most Control for the Best Price

How it works:

Step 1: Tell us if you prefer to attend a Public or Private School 
Step 2: Tell us if you’d like to earn a diploma (if you are entering grade 12) 
Step 3: Choose your 1st favorite from a list of options including language, sport, art, climate or subject choice. 
Step 4: We will place you in a school that has your favorite choice.

Why International Students love this Low Cost Program

  • Earn a US Diploma in grade 12 (and continue to a US university, if desired) or earn academic credit in younger grades
  • Accepts students ages 14-18
  • More flexible than the J-1 Exchange in admission requirements, medical conditions and deadlines
  • Public or Private High School placements
  • Year and Semester enrollments, Fall or January start
  • Late applications accepted
  • Guaranteed placement for ALL accepted applicants
  • Study for more than one year (at a Private Day School) with our 2nd Year Price Guarantee
Compare Academic F-1 Exchange vs Traditional J-1 Exchange

Take a full schedule of courses and earn academic credit transferrable to your country
Yes No
Earn US Diploma if entering grade 12 & continue to US University
Yes No 
Guaranteed Placements if accepted to program
Yes No
Late applications accepted
Yes No 
Study for multiple years in the USA
Yes No