SELECT Private School

Combine a prestigious high school education with an American Host Family experience
Educatius’ Private Day School Program offers the best possibility for international students wanting to study at a US high school to combine a high level of academic offered by private schools with the enriching experience of living with an American host family.

Most international students who attend the private day program stay for multiple years and have the intention to continue to a good university in the US. Others, however, attend our Private Day School Program for the experience of an academic school year abroad and return home for their continued studies. Some international students also start for a year and then extend for multiple years after seeing how positive the experience is for them.

Private Schools and Host Families
Our private day schools are located throughout the USA. Currently we have 75 schools in 22 states and we are adding more all the time. Some schools are located in famous US locations such as New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington DC, Tampa and more.  Others are located in smaller cities and towns throughout America.  Most are co-ed, although we do offer a few all-boys and all-girls private schools.  We have many private day schools that are non-religious, as well as some that are Catholic, Christian, Episcopalian and others.  We will help you determine which private day schools are the best fit – for academics, location, sports, arts or other programs.

All our host families are carefully selected and screened by Educatius’ experienced team.  Host families come in many shapes and sizes, but we will always offer international students a safe, welcoming and supportive environment. All our host families have a strong interest in welcoming an international student to their home and sharing their American way of life. There can only be 1 or 2 international students in each home. 

Each student is assigned an international coordinator who will orient them to their new community and act as a personal support for each student throughout their stay. 

International coordinators:

  • Provide a welcome orientation for international students
  • Act as an advocate for the student if they have questions about the host family or school
  • Interviews and reports on the student’s progress every month – by talking to the student, school and host family

Who Can Attend Private US High Schools?
Students aged 14-18 are eligible to attend our Private Day program. Each private school has it’s own admissions requirements but all international students must have and maintain at least a passing grade point average (GPA). All new students are interviewed by their prospective schools via Skype to make sure students hold the necessary level of maturity and motivation to study abroad. 

The student’s level of English should be tested prior to admissions through a ELTiS or TOEFL test. We advise that students planning to study abroad sign up for the TOEFL test in advance since it sometimes needs to be scheduled months in advance.  ESL classes are available in some schools, should students require additional language support.

Students can apply for Fall enrollments and some private schools may also accept January enrollments. The overall deadline for Fall enrollments is July 1, however many popular schools many close well before that date so we recommend completing your application early to get your first choice of schools.

We guarantee host family placements – this means that any student accepted into the program can be confident they will be placed in a welcoming American family.

The program fees vary depending on the private school that a student chooses. 

Prices include:

  • High school match and placement
  • Double placement in a host family and support (Single placement can be guaranteed for an additional supplement)
  • Host family accommodation on full board basis*
  • Guardianship and supervision by Educatius officials during the program
  • Visa application documents and support
  • Airport meet and greet**

*Students are provided with breakfast, and dinner. Students may bring lunches from home to eat at school, but are otherwise responsible for buying their own school lunches if they prefer to eat from the school cafeteria.

**All students are picked up at the airport by their host family or an Educatius International representative on arrival.