Application and Payment

Applying to the Private Day School Program
Application deadlines differ from school to school. Some schools will close their admissions as early as January while others stay open until April. We encourage students to apply early to secure their first choice of school.
  • Students apply to the school they wish to attend by initially filling out the Educatius International pre-application form stating the choice of school(s).
  • Educatius will review form and confirm availability for chosen school.
  • Assuming availability, Educatius will send application materials.
  • Educatius will aid in the application process and review all admissions materials before submitting to our partner school. The school application along with the results from a personal interview and English proficiency test will be reviewed by the school before issuing acceptance.
  • Upon school acceptance, student will complete Educatius Student application and will complete placement with host family.
Payment Process - Payment Installments
The total fee of the program is divided into three installments:
  • Application fee
  • First Installment - 50% of program fee.
  • Final Payment - 50% of program fee.
Payment Schedule
  • The Application fee is invoiced upon receipt of the complete school application.
  • The first installment fee is invoiced when the placement is completed and before the I-20 is sent to the International Partner.
  • The final payment is invoiced when the student has been granted a visa and before the final placement details are sent out.