Host Family Placements

Your host family is one of the most important parts of a study abroad high school program in America! International students and their American families forms bonds that last for years beyond their time in the USA.

In the F-1 Private Day School High School Program, all host family placements are handled directly by Educatius International's team of Regional Managers and International Coordinators. The host family placement is a very important part of a student's high school program and perhaps even one of the most important factors for a student's well-being during the program. We therefore always go to great lengths to provide a great fit for both the student and the family.

How Host Family Matching and Placement Works:
  • After the school district has chosen a school for the student, Educatius International will match the student with a suitable screened host family for placement.
  • The student application is sent to the Educatius coordinator in the area.
  • The coordinator matches the student with a family and notifies the Educatius home office.
  • Educatius notifies the student or their representative about the placement.
All Educatius International host families are screened through the following steps:
  • Each potential host family completes a in depth application form including references.
  • Educatius staff conducts a home visit and personal interview with the host family members.
  • Personal reference checks.
  • National Police Checks.
Hosting Criteria

We look for families who are enthusiastic about the experience!  Families who are practically located for a student to get to school and that have the space needed for hosting a student. We look for families that want to host a student because they want to share their way of life and culture with the student at the same time as they get to learn more about the student and his/her home country. 

What you can expect from your host family:

Of course, ALL host families are different. They can range from single parents, older parents with no kids, to a mother and father with many children. Each family will have their own way of life, which can often result in a variety of types and sizes of homes. There are however certain things that can always be expected of a host family - including providing a safe and welcoming living environment! For example:

  • A double room shared with another international student (never of the same nationality). A single room may be guaranteed for an additional fee, if available.
  • A room with your own bed as well as furniture for storing your clothes and personal things
  • Location no further than 45 minutes away from school. This distance is often much shorter but in the big city areas 45 minutes is normal.
  • A space where you can do your homework
  • Breakfast and dinner in the home every day on school days.
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the home on weekends and school holidays
  • A location in a safe part of the town or city
  • Ongoing local support from your Local Coordinator (LC)