SELECT Public School

The ideal public high school experience in the USA

Whether you like the beach, the mountains or the big city; whether you want surfing, skiing or a metropolitan vibe; we will help you find what you want for your study abroad experience in the USA. Our SELECT Public High School Program (on an F-1 visa) allows international students freedom of choice with geographical location, academic goals and extracurricular activities. Unlike the J-1 high school exchange program, the Educatius SELECT Public High School Program offers students the ability to choose their location by applying directly to a specific school district.

Educatius International's  public school districts are situated in attractive locations like Los Angeles, Boston, Florida, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle and many more. Our students enjoy full access to sports (according to state laws), clubs and academics in the schools, including the possibility of obtaining a high school diploma in grade 12! The program is constantly growing, with new school districts continually added.

Thanks to our late application deadlines and guaranteed placements, the program also offers a possibility for students who did not get a place on the regular J-1 program to study in the USA. It is a program with choice, flexibility and freedom.

Schools and Host Families

International students attend US public high schools that charge a fee to accept the students. Due to this tuition fee, international students can enjoy the same rights regarding subjects, arts, activities, and graduation as American students. Our students stay with host families in the local community. Host families are paid a stipend for hosting, and Educatius International handles the screening, placement and supervision of host families before and during the program. These families have a strong desire to welcome a foreign student and help them experience their American culture.

International students who want an immersive experience love our F-1 Public School program since public schools offer them generally the highest percentage of American fellow students in the school.

Who Can Attend

International students aged 14-18 are eligible to study at high school in the USA in our program, and in some cases schools will accept 19 year olds or graduated students. All students must have and maintain a passing grade point average as well as a level of maturity and motivation to study abroad. All students are required to take a ELTiS-test and the minimum score for acceptance is 45. Some school districts may have additional unique requirements

The SELECT Public High School Program is for a maximum of one year. International students can transfer into a private school after they complete a year at a public school.


The application deadline for the fall is July 1 and for the spring is November 15. However, some schools will fill up before that date, so we advise to send your application early to make sure to get your first choice of school district.

School District Placements

Students apply to the school district they wish to attend. It is then up to the school district to offer a placement in the high school they feel mostly suitable for the student. The school district will release an application form for the F-1 visa upon acceptance of the student.

Please note that students apply to a specific school district and not a school. For descriptions of the school districts please visit here.


The program fees vary depending on the district that a student chooses.  

Prices include:

  • High school match and placement (tuition)
  • Double placement in a host family and support (single placement can be guaranteed for an additional supplement)
  • Host family accommodation on full board basis*
  • Guardianship and supervision by Educatius officials during the program
  • Visa application documents and support
  • Airport meet and greet**

*Students are provided with breakfast, and dinner. Students may bring lunches from home to eat at school, but are otherwise responsible for buying their own school lunches if they prefer to eat from the school cafeteria.

**All students are picked up at the airport by their host family or an Educatius International representative on arrival.