Application and Payment

Filling out the Educatius Application Form
All students fill out the Educatius application form when applying to the program.
The form should state which school district the student is interested in attending as well as the program length and start date of choice.

The completed application form is sent to Educatius together with:
  • Most recent school transcripts/grades.
  • Proof of English language level through a ELTiS test score.
  • Personal statement letter where the student tells about herself/himself.
  • Payment of (or proof of payment when applicable), application fee.
Student Acceptance
Educatius evaluates the application form taking into consideration:
  • the student’s needs, requirements and goals for the program.
  • the student’s academic profile, previous academic performance and English level.
  • the students personal maturity as indicated by personal letter, recommendation letter and interview form.

After evaluation and screening of the application, Educatius and the partner school district will accept or reject the student and notify the International Partner. The partner school will make the final decision regarding each student's acceptance. Accepted students will receive an acceptance letter from Educatius.

Payment Process - Payment Installments
The total fee of the program is divided into three installments:
  • Application fee
  • First Installment - 50% of program fee
  • Final Payment - 50% of program fee
Payment Schedule
  • The Application fee is invoiced upon receipt of the complete student application.
  • The first installment fee is invoiced when the placement is completed and before the I-20 is sent to the International Partner.
  • The final payment is invoiced when the student has been granted a visa and before the final placement details are sent out.