Diploma Year Program

International students hope to gain an advantage when applying to American Universities in a competitive admission landscape. Educatius International offers just the right program – Diploma Year Program! After completing 1-year studies at a top American public high school, international students with an F1 visa will receive an American high school diploma. During the program, international student will not only improve their English and grow academically, but also join various extracurricular activities and enjoy the authentic American life! With the help of experienced college counselors at their high schools, students will present an outstanding university application. 

 Benefits of Diploma Year Program:

  • Our public schools have the very best locations around the USA –Boston, San Francisco, LA, Florida as well as many more
  • Many schools in the Diploma Year Program are top ranked silver and gold public schools by US News & World Report
  • Public schools have a very low percentage of international students (less than 5%) so international students can get a truly American immersion experience
  • Our public school have incredible resources and facilities - including AP courses, arts facilities, and after school clubs
  • Students can even join the amazing American prom experience
  • College counselors at public high schools are experienced. They will help students every step of the way. They arrange campus tours, and invite university admission officers to host information seminars. They help students understand their intended university as well as themselves.
  • Our students, after taking 1 year on this program in grade 12 have been accepted to elite universities such as University of Southern California, Boston College, Purdue University, University of Chicago and more (from our research)