Study at an American School!

Study with Educatius in an American School

Educatius International is an experienced American study abroad organization that has helped international students for many years study academic programs on an F1 visa at USA high schools.

We work with many high schools to prepare international students for admission, match students with welcoming American host families in the high school community and support students (and host families!) throughout their stay.

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Our team helps students (and their families) each step along the way, before and after their arrival in the USA high school:

  • Understanding a school’s application requirements, documents and deadlines
  • Completing the application process
  • Explaining costs and payment schedule
  • Facilitating visa F1 paperwork from the school
  • Matching the student with a welcoming American host family
  • Arranging for the student to be welcomed at the airport
  • Supporting the student upon arrival and throughout their stay

Host Family Placements
Throughout our 10-year history, Educatius International has always upheld the highest standards of quality and safety for our international students, and in fact, we have followed the latest CSIET standards in our processes and host family placements. The Council on Standards for International Educational Travel grants provisional F-1 Inbound listing to Educatius International in the 2015/2016 Advisory List. The CSIET certification mark certifies that Educatius complies with the standards set forth in the CSIET Standards for International Educational Travel Programs.

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