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Saint-Grégoire is attached to the City of Rennes, ranked the 10th largest city in France. Geared towards the outdoors, and proud of its inner beauty and history, Saint-Grégoire boasts many historical landmarks such as the Saint Jean fountain or Marie’s wall, which are fully integrated into the landscape.

School Profile

The Immaculée Jean Paul II establishment was created by the Ile et Vilaine Catholic teaching diocesan committee. This school offers a tailor-made educational experience to each pupil from middle to high school, where everything is done in accordance with their social, cultural and religious backgrounds.

The Christian and pastoral proposals allow the students to develop their personal projects. The educational team articulates its mission around three axes: guidance, responsibility and personal growth.

Many clubs and workshops are available to the students in order to make them aware of their responsibilities and develop their senses of initiative and independence. Among those workshops and clubs are: school newspaper, English, drama, robotics, sustainability, music, lunch radio and more.

Three baccalaureates are proposed :
- Scientific baccalaureat, with differents specialities : maths, physic, chemistry, biology and computer & digital sciences.
- Literature, you will have to choose between the following specialities : english, maths, law and contemporary issues.
- Economic and social : maths, economy, political and social sciences

This school also offers bilingual classes: English/German and English/Spanish.

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English, Mathematics, 3D Programming, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Law, Economics, Political Science, Social Science, History, Geography, Science, Physical Education, Philosophy, Literature, Civilization

Spanish, Italian, German, Latin

Newspaper Club, Drama Club, Robotics and Engineering, Sustainability, Music Appreciation, Broadcast Technology

Swimming, Kayaking, Dance, Gymnastics, Futsal