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North Cedar Academy is located in Ladysmith, Wisconsin, 2.5 hours from Minneapolis. The boarding school offers a technology enriched curriculum including arts, humanities, and sports. Students in grades 11 and 12 may co-enroll in University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire: Barron County to earn college credits and the chance to earn an Associate of Arts & Sciences degree. These credits are transferable to other colleges and universities and offer international students a competitive edge in their future studies!

The facilities at the school include a hydroponic garden, science labs, music room, fitness center, athletic fields, and an auditorium.

North Cedar Academy offers non-competitive sports for students of all different levels of physical ability. The scenic campus and the greater forested area around the campus offers the perfect place for students to explore a variety of outdoor sports and activities.
Students can undertake many different areas of the fine and performing arts, including Graphic Design, Instrumental Ensemble and Concert Band.

The dormitory is a five story building overlooking the Flambeau River. At the dorm, students can hang out, relax, play games with their friends, work on homework, watch television, sit around the bonfire, or just have fun. The dorm has a laundry facility, study room, kitchenette, and mailbox for each student. All meals are served in the dining hall – just a short walk from the dorm. Students are welcome to join activities throughout the school year and are encouraged to propose new ones to the student body.

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School Information

14 - 19

Drawing, Graphic Design, 2D Art and Design, Painting, Theater

Chinese, Spanish

Chess Club, Chinese Culture Club, Cooking Club, Robotics Club, 3D Printing Club, Art Club, Gaming Arts Club, Gardening, Movie Club, Music, Latin Club, Outdoor Club, Photography Club, Theater Club, Technology Club

US Government and Politics

Short-Term, Multiple Year, Spring Semester, Spring Year, Fall Semester, Fall Year