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Notre Dame Saint Joseph is located in Epinal, a city in the region of Lorraine. The region is in the heart
of Europe, close to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland.
Notre Dame Saint Joseph is a private day and boarding school, which welcomes 1500 students from
year 7 to post graduate studies.
Respect, attention and personal fulfilment are three values that articulate the educational plan of Saint
Joseph. And, because everyone has their own skills and successes, the school provides a personal
accompaniment to help each student become the best person they can be.

School Profile

Notre Dame Saint Joseph High School offers many different types of Baccalaureate: Scientific
studies, Literature, Economic and social sciences and even Engineering sciences.
The school also offer a Hotel Management and hospitality program (Domaine de la restauration et
hôtellerie) and many others professional and technological programs.
The establishment is open to the world and offers pupils the opportunity to do a gap year in
Australia. They also organise school trips to Germany, Spain and many others countries...
At the end of junior high school, students can prepare the « Cambridge English language
assessment ».

Subjects Taught

Subjects :
French, math, History, geography,
english, spanish, german, Latin, greek,
chinese, language arts, physicaleducation,
philosophy, religious
cultures, religious history

Sports :
Golf, table tennis, swimming, basket-ball,
bodybuilding, running

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School Information

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Mathematics, History, Geography, English, Physical Education, Philosophy, Religious Studies

French, Spanish, German, Latin, Greek, Chinese

Golf, Table Tennis, Swimming, Basketball, Fitness, Running