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Partner with the world’s largest organization delivering international high school programs for study abroad or online. Last year we helped more than 8,000 students from 50 countries live their dream experience in 10 countries where we offer high school programs, in addition to online USA diploma programs for those who cannot study abroad. Our school partners – public, private day and boarding schools – welcome the increased diversity and global perspectives that our students bring, along with the financial contribution that helps fund their educational programs. 

Our staff, located around the world, are deeply experienced and dedicated, providing multiple layers of support to students attending. Our 20 years of experience has shown our strength and resilience: despite COVID, we are larger than ever!

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Aiducatius, our sister charity organization, supports student education and sustainability in underserved communities in Africa and Latin America. By welcoming our students, partner high schools are indirectly contributing to this excellent cause. 

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Educatius does the heavy lifting for our partner schools. We market your school abroad, counsel students and handle all the paperwork for the registration, application and placement process. We de-risk the process and work with you to enhance your reputation and ensure a great experience for our students, their host families and your school community. Our multiple layers of support can handle whatever arises to ensure best-case outcomes. 

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