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Unlock your best self: study abroad

Imagine the excitement of living and studying high school in a new country! There’s no better way to improve your English (or French, German, Italian, Spanish or Swedish – in one of our European programs), or your prospects at an excellent university – and your future career potential! When you choose Educatius for your international high school experience, you are benefiting from 20 years of experience and the world’s top team dedicated solely to high school exchanges.

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Benefits of studying abroad:
  • Best preparation for university, abroad or at home

  • Higher GPA

  • Enhanced intercultural skills

  • Increased confidence and independence
Final call 2024/25

Secure your exchange – save up to $6,000!

Dream location, sport, lifestyle, top school, and favorite subject – design the exchange adventure you desire with our unique Select Program.

Book now to grab one of the last spots on discounted schools:
Our Lady Of Good Counsel, Maryland, Save $4,000
Mesa Unified School District, Arizona, Save $4,000
Scecina Memorial, Indiana, Save $1,000
Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, Georgia, Save $1,000
Notre Dame High School, New York, Save $2,000 $4,000
Menual School, New Mexico Save $3,000 – $5,000

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Which program is right for you?

Our programs embody our commitment to delivering top-notch academic experiences and ensuring the happiness of our students. Your goals will determine which program is right for you.

The Select Program

Customized experience with maximum control.

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The Classic Program

Traditional exchange with cultural immersion.

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The Boarding Program

All-inclusive, enriched education on campus.

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The Academic Exchange

Affordable, hybrid program to evolve passions.

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Prestigious schools

Unmatched portfolio of prestigious public, private and boarding schools and cultural exchange programs in the USA, UK and around the world 

Unrivalled support

Experienced, caring staff support students from dream to graduation 

Innovative learning

Our range of in-person and online high school programs supports all students  

Giving back

Aiducatius supports students in Africa and Latin America  

Our destinations


Choose the perfect high school in one of our most popular destinations – elite academics, a school near a California beach or a top-flight sports school? Immerse yourself in American culture and innovation!

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Enjoy your exchange experience at an excellent high school in warm, welcoming and diverse Canada, the most multicultural country on earth! Extraordinary nature, vibrant cities and respected academic achievements for your future!

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Some of the world’s best schools are in the UK. Combine rich culture and history, beautiful countryside, enthusiastic sports clubs and exciting excursions during your exchange in the UK.

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The Emerald Isle welcomes you in English and in Gaelic, to great schools, warm families, dynamic cities and close-knit small towns. Ireland has become a hotbed of innovation but remains rooted in rich traditions you will love!

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Head Down Under for an exciting and distinctive exchange in a spectacular climate, a welcoming and informal culture, and great academic options!

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New Zealand

Beautiful, unique New Zealand is a remote destination with amazing natural beauty – you’re never more than an hour away from desert, rain forest or ocean coastline – plus great tutoring and friendly locals.

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Open doors by studying a great world language (400 million Spanish speakers) in a country with mountains, ocean and medieval villages all within reach, and a laid-back culture where you can learn and enjoy at the same time!

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Your high school exchange will show you why France is the world’s top tourist destination: rich historical sites, stunning nature, fantastic food and a vigorous debating tradition in a world language spoken by almost 100 million people!

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Spend your high school exchange in astonishing Italy, from beautiful medieval towns to mountains and seashore; discover capital cities of design; enjoy fabulous farm-to-table food, and learn the world’s most romantic language!

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Your high school exchange in Europe’s economic powerhouse is a great opportunity to invest in your future while discovering rich German language and culture, an open, welcoming society and many stimulating experiences!

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This island paradise offers all the beauty and fascination of tropical nature and beaches, while your high school exchange benefits from the excellence of the international French system! Réunion will be the experience of your life!

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Sweden’s progressive society also provides an ideal climate for innovation and economic advancement. Your high school exchange here will also reveal why the country is consistently among the world’s happiest!

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Imagine your experience

Can you see yourself studying high school in one of the world’s most appealing places and immersing yourself in that culture, making new lifelong friends and a forever family there? Think Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, London, Cambridge, Vancouver, Florence, Dublin, Paris – and we have so many more wonderful destinations! You can design the high school exchange of your dreams with our Select or Boarding program. Or immerse yourself in local culture with a Classic exchange program. And whatever you decide, an experienced, dedicated Educatius advisor will support you every step of the way – from the first free consultation until your safe return home!

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What’s included

Experienced guidance

We’ll help you find the best program and school to match your dreams and goals

Personal coaching

Backup throughout the application process at your chosen high school program

Love where you live

You’ll land in a welcome and supportive living environment that you will love

Backing to succeed

Throughout your program, you’ll get the support you need to succeed

What others say

Aiducatius: Giving back

Every Educatius exchange student and host family we recruit contributes indirectly to our sister charitable organization, Aiducatius, which works to increase sustainable educational opportunities in Africa and Latin America, and to reduce the carbon footprint of international high school student exchanges.

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Frequently asked questions

Your high school exchange experience will unlock the world for you! You’ll expand your academic achievements, immerse yourself in a new language and culture and grow as a person, in confidence and multicultural fluency. You’ll also make new friends and connect with a caring family that will last for a lifetime!

Learning and improving any new language is easier, with longer-lasting benefits for younger people, and besides – you’ll have the time of your life immersing yourself in a new culture! Educatius also offers opportunities to study high school in several countries where English is not the first language.

Educatius will support you from the time you book your first free consultation until you come home from your amazing high school exchange experience! As part of our package, we organize a caring and rigorously screened host family that will welcome you into their home and support you throughout your stay. They’ll share meals and fun activities with you, and will become family for life!

If you select a prestigious boarding school for your exchange, we’ll ensure that you have a great on-campus stay with friends and excellent oversight. This means you can sleep in later because your classes are onsite, and choose from a wide range of special courses and different meal options every day!

For up to 20 years, we have built partnerships with many select and boarding schools that provide top academic programs, STEM, robotics, humanities, arts and sports options, with in-depth counseling for future university acceptance at some of the world’s best institutions. We also offer an online USA high school diploma program, as well as a hybrid Dual Diploma program where you graduate both from a top USA school and a school in your home country, doing some courses in person and some online. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Fun will definitely be a component of every high school exchange we offer! You can choose a high school near the beach, in the mountains or in a famous city, and many schools offer great sports programs and outdoor activities. Book a free consultation with an Educatius advisor to discuss your options for an exchange experience tailored to your needs and interests!