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George Stevens Academy (GSA), established in 1803, is an independent high school on the east coast of the USA. GSA offers Honors and Advanced Placement courses for highly motivated college-bound students. Honors courses are available for all core academic subject areas during all four years of study.

The school has classrooms, a library with more than 8,000 kinds of research materials and other texts, a computer center and the MERI Center to study marine research data.
Sports facilitates include a stadium, soccer field, football field, tennis court, baseball and softball field, hockey rink, ice hockey field, basketball court, and a golf course.

GSA offers three seasons of interscholastic athletics including cross country, soccer, tennis, and more! In 2022 the Boys Cross Country Running took home the state and regional championship title. GSA also offers an award-winning jazz program.

GSA has a boys’ dormitory and a girls’ dormitory both situated in the middle of campus. Both dormitories were recently renovated and have wireless internet, television, a kitchen, laundry machines, and common rooms. Students share large double rooms. Each dormitory is staffed by a full time dorm parent.

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School Information

14 - 19

Calculus AB, Calculus BC, English Literature and Composition, Environmental Science, Human Geography, Statistics, US History, Wood Working, Yearbook

French, Latin, Spanish

Ballroom Dancing, Chess Club, French Club, Girls Volleyball, Environmental, International Cooking Club, Math Team, Model United Nations (Model UN), Outdoor Club, Outdoor Club, Spanish Club, Steel Drum, Student Ambassadors, Student Life Committee

Cross Country Running, Golf, Soccer, Basketball, Cheerleading, Swimming, Baseball, Track, Sailing, Softball, Tennis, Swimming

Multiple Year, Fall Year, Short-Term, Spring Semester, Spring Year, Fall Semester