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McDonnell Catholic Central High School aims to prepare students for a dynamic and evolving contemporary world, making timely change. The school offers a series of special projects, such as "Project Lead the Way" and engineering, to provide students with many unique opportunities. Teachers require students to think critically, independently, and creatively.

Campus facilities took an upgrade to a larger, more suburban building from their original 1907 site. They provide spacious classrooms and athletic fields for their students.

The school offers 15 sports competitions. Diversity in sports designed to develop a variety of important qualities in students, including teamwork, spirit, dedication, self-discipline and courage.
In the arts, the school also offers a number of unique fine arts disciplines, including pottery, drawing, metalworking and photography.

McDonell Area Catholic Schools is accredited through WRISA. Wisconsin Religious and Independent Schools Accreditation (WRISA) is a nonprofit organization formed in 1991 by the Wisconsin Council of Religious and Independent Schools to provide non-public schools with an ongoing school improvement process.

The area around Chippewa Falls has a long history, and there are many cultural facilities such as museums, historical sites, and a glimpse of the history of the American Midwest. It's also home to a nationally renowned music festival, the Northern Wisconsin State Fair, and a variety of celebrations throughout the year. here also. There are a variety of venues for those who love the outdoors, including bike and ski trails, snowmobile and beach drives, picturesque Parks, large forests where people can fish, camp, play golf, and see wild animals.

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School Information

14 - 18

Statistics, Biology, Calculus, US History, English Literature and Composition, Yearbook


Musical Production, International Club, Math Club, History Club, National Honor Society, Business Club

Cross Country Running, Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Track, Soccer, American Football, Baseball, Golf, Hockey, Swimming

Multiple Year, Fall Year