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5 Different ways for international students to earn a USA High School Diploma

International students who earn a USA high school diploma have many advantages! Of course, it gives you a head start in applying for an American university or college. But international students with this advantage can also stand out from the competition at universities around the world. You’ve shown you can master high level subjects in the English language, adapt to a foreign scholastic system and succeed with the creative and problem-solving skills the American academic system requires.

But how can international students earn an America high school diploma, and how can you be sure it is credible?

  • The Traditional Scholar

The very traditional way is to enroll to attend an American boarding or private high school in person and study for 2, 3 or 4 years. You’ll immerse yourself in the American school system and take the classes you need to earn a diploma. You’ll also get to participate in all the incredible rituals of graduation, while you achieve with that powerful piece of paper – prom and the incredible graduation ceremony with your classmates.

USA Boarding and Private schools have great resources to guide you in college counseling so while at school they’ll advise in with the American college application process and facilitate your acceptance to the university of your dreams!

  • The Diploma Year

If you don’t have the ability to study high school for multiple years in the USA, you can earn one if you study 1 academic year, in grade 12 at an American high school. Be careful though! Not all American schools will allow international students to do this. You must enroll in a USA high school on an F-1 program that will allow you to earn a diploma and apply your courses already studied in your home country. Once enrolled, the school will tell you which courses you must take. You’ll end up with an American diploma, and again take part in all the amazing rituals like prom and graduation ceremonies.

This is perfect if you want to optimize the time you spend in the USA, and be able to apply straight to USA colleges after 1 year at an American high school.

  • The Hybrid Dual Diploma

Maybe you are a student who is going (or has gone) to the USA on a J-1 or F-1 exchange program in a grade 9, 10 or 11, or you are on the J-1 Classic program which does not allow you to earn a diploma. You are going to have an incredible cultural immersion and experience at your American high school – but you want to get more out of it!

The Hybrid Dual Diploma is right for you. You’ll apply the high school courses you’ve taken in your home country, plus up to 2 credits from your American exchange program, and take 4-5 online credits through Educatius Academy. It’s an online high school program accredited by well-established private schools in the USA with interesting classes like marketing and psychology. You can study the classes at your own time – no matter what time zone you are in!

You can start before or after your exchange program in the USA. It can also help you strengthen your English before your exchange – or maintain it afterwards!

What’s best is you’ll end up with 2 diplomas – one from your home country and one from the USA, giving you an incredible advantage for your future success. You’ll also get free counseling for university acceptance.

Since the online portion of the program is accredited by actual USA schools you can be sure that any credits you earn will be recognized by American and global universities.

  • The All-Online Dual Diploma

This program is for international students who will not go to the USA at all to study high school, but want to give themselves the advantage that a dual high school diploma from their home country and the USA will provide.

You’ll take courses from your high school in your home country while studying interesting and interactive courses online from a prominent private American high school. You can study at your own schedule – while getting live support from teachers and a private tutor. When you’re ready, you’ll get free college counseling to be accepted into your dream university!

  • The All-Online USA Diploma

This program is for international students who prefer not to attend their local high school and just study online with one of our well-respected American private schools.

You’ll take interactive courses online via Educatius Academy. You can study at your own schedule – while getting live support from teachers and a private tutor. When you’re ready, you’ll get free college counseling to be accepted into your dream university!

Which one is right for you?