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Become an exchange student in Réunion

Become an exchange student on the French Island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean! Réunion is a paradise Island located east of Madagascar and southwest of Mauritius. It is the ultimate high school destination for you who want to become fluent in French but also enjoy life among palm trees and sandy beaches. The temperature never reaches below 18 °C; since it is an island, you are never far away from the coast.

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Quick facts:
  • Program type: Classic High School

  • Duration: Academic year or semester

  • Visa type: Student visa

  • Language: Basic French knowledge is preferred

About high school in Réunion

Just like in France, the exchange students in Réunion will attend “Le Lycée”. All your classes will be in French. It might be a bit challenging initially, but the teachers and pupils are used to exchange students and will give you the support you need. You will learn more and more new words each day and rapidly notice how much you have improved.

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Frequently asked questions

By staying with a Reunionese host family, you will get an insight into a distinct and exciting culture that you only find on this island. The Réunionese culture blends European, African, Indian, and insular traditions. You will not least mention these fusions through the cuisine, the Creole language, and music. All our host families speak French, sometimes along with the indigenous language of Réunion Creole.

Our host families live all over Réunion. Some live in charming villages, others in city areas close to restaurants and stores, and others near the ocean. Either way, you are not very far from anything when living here.

In Reunion, we offer our Classic program.