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USA high schools for international students

If you dream of studying high school in the USA, you are not alone! Every year, we welcome students and support international students every step of the way from more than 50 countries. You’ll find your best fit in our extensive portfolio of 350+ top high schools in exchange students’ favorite USA destinations. And experience the vibe of enthusiastic American school spirit while soaking up the USA’s legendary entrepreneurial culture. 

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Price from USD 14,245
  • Program
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Local Support
  • Resilience training
  • Orientation and Student Handbook
  • Certificate of Participation
Final call 2024/25

Secure your exchange – save up to $6,000!

Dream location, sport, lifestyle, top school, and favorite subject – design the exchange adventure you desire with our unique Select Program.

Book now to grab one of the last spots on discounted schools:
Our Lady Of Good Counsel, Maryland, Save $4,000
Mesa Unified School District, Arizona, Save $4,000
Scecina Memorial, Indiana, Save $1,000
Mt. Bethel Christian Academy, Georgia, Save $1,000
Notre Dame High School, New York, Save $2,000 $4,000
Menual School, New Mexico Save $3,000 – $5,000

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Quick facts:
  • School types: Public, private or boarding school

  • Duration: Semester, full academic year, or multiple years

  • Favorite cities: Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, San Francisco, New York City, Washington D.C., Seattle

  • Language: English test required

  • Visa types: F-1, J-1
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Build life skills

An Educatius high school experience builds lifelong skills and knowledge 

Cultural immersion

Enjoy a warm USA welcome and meaningful cultural exchanges 

Giving back

Aiducatius supports students in Africa and Latin America  

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Your Dream USA school

Our Select Program is the key to finding a school that fits your dreams and interests perfectly. Are you focused on academic excellence? Do you dream about being on a dance or cheerleader squad, or learning to surf? Dive into our high school locator!

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Our USA team on the ground

Start from a free consultation with an Educatius professional, and until you return home from your amazing international student experience, you’ll be in great hands. We are the largest organization in the world dedicated to helping foreign students study high school abroad. All our team members have personal knowledge international exchanges themselves. They live and work in the same communities as the students they support and their host families.

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Frequently asked questions

Educatius has been helping international students succeed for more than two decades. We are the world’s largest provider of international student high school programs, and our team around the globe is deeply knowledgeable about what students need. We are a ‘best partner’ to some of the planet’s top high schools, and our people are always there to troubleshoot and support students and families, ensuring the best possible experience on all sides. Once we commit to an international student’s exchange, we guarantee that we will make it happen. Educatius is certified to the highest standards: we have been listed for eight years in a row by CSIET for the quality management of our USA F-1 Inbound Day High School program.

Educatius offers several ways to earn a USA high school diploma. Some students choose to study several years in the USA at a private or boarding school and can earn a diploma that way. Schools will even provide excellent college admission counseling. For students who wish to stay only one academic year for Grade 12, we can place you at a high school that offers the Diploma Year. This means you can participate in the magic of graduation and prom and earn your USA diploma! For students on a J-1 program or studying below the Grade 12 level, upgrade your program to a Dual Diploma with our online Dual Diploma. 

There is no substitute for living inside a USA family and society to learn about the world’s largest economy and global innovation and cultural powerhouse. The knowledge and self-confidence gained from this on-the-ground experience will help a young person achieve his or her dreams, increase the chances of earning admission to the world’s best universities, and lay the foundation for a powerful network of friends and relationships for the future. Whether your interests lie in Silicon Valley, the entertainment industry, sports, science or anything else, studying in the USA is the best path to a top USA university, and looks great on your resume anywhere you go. 

Of course! If you attend a public or private high school we’ll match you with a local host family. Our carefully selected families come in all shapes and sizes—with or without children, small or large, living in different forms of housing and from various cultural backgrounds themselves. What they have in common is a warm, welcoming attitude and a curiosity to learn about their student. As they open their homes and their hearts, they are happy to share American culture and to learn about their international student’s own culture. Most of our students find that their supportive American hosts become family for life. The family will make it a priority to speak English at home with students.

Our host families welcome one or two students from different countries into their home as an international son or daughter. Families provide guidance, nurturing and clear expectations of responsibilities that a student will undertake as a member of the family. You can also expect your host family to provide three meals a day, a room with a bed and a dresser, a quiet study space and reasonable transportation. 

Boarding schools in the USA vary widely, and many offer enriched programs in sports, science or the arts. For example, if you love golf, horseback riding or water sports, there’s a school for you. Another school might offer robotics, computer science, drama or music. What they all have in common is that you will enjoy a wide range of activities, while living and eating on campus with your friends. Students who experience a USA boarding school say they quickly learn to be well-organized, self-confident and self-sufficient! 

With our Select program, you choose the perfect school based on what’s most important to you, and we match you with a family from there. Or you can choose a boarding school and live with your American and international friends in the dorm. We have decades-long partnerships with more than 200 schools across the USA in all types of settings: cosmopolitan multicultural cities and the rural American heartland, secular or religious, on the ocean, in the mountains and many more. Favorite locations for many students include Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, San Francisco, New York City, Washington DC and Seattle—there is an incredible diversity of culture in this massive country. On the Classic program there is no school or location choice. Instead, a volunteer host family chooses to host you, and we enroll you in a school nearby. 

The Select schools in the Educatius portfolio are all carefully chosen, based on our extensive experience of what international students love. The best school for you depends on your own hopes and dreams. Whether it’s the excitement of Friday night football, a passion for dance, or a desire for an advanced STEM program that allows access to selected colleges and universities—the best school for you is the one that meets your hopes, dreams and interests. We help you understand your options and make the best choices. 

Start with a free consultation with an Educatius advisor. We get to know you so that we can provide customized recommendations. We help you with the application process, guide you on completing application online, and then we send the completed application to our school partners. You may apply to more than one school! 
Once you receive your acceptance, we guide you through the fee payments and visa paperwork. If you prefer to work with someone locally in your own country, let us know. In addition to our own offices, we work with experienced, trusted and professional agents on the ground, all around the world. 

Check out our incredible range of schools and locations. Explore here.

There is no better investment in your future than a high school program abroad. The actual costs of high school in the USA depend on the location and type of school. Our Select high school program allows students to choose their dream school and is the best preparation for university.   
In general, Select public high schools are less expensive than Select private high schools, and boarding schools are the most expensive. International students on the F-1 program still need to pay tuition at public schools in the USA.  Any high school in internationally renown locations such as California (Los Angeles, San Francisco), Boston, New York City and Florida is likely to be more expensive than schools in locations like Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Texas, and Utah. 
The package costs for Select high schools in the USA include tuition, accommodation (with a host family or dormitory) and meals. Most importantly, the costs cover ongoing monitoring and support of each student by our staff. When students have questions or need support, there is ALWAYS someone who can assist them, and even a toll free 24/7 telephone number to call. 
We work with international students to understand their budget and match them with the best high school that fits!  We do not charge additional fees for our personalized service.