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Become an exchange student in Spain

Become an exchange student in the beautiful country of Spain! Spain is a colorful nation offering everything you need for a successful year abroad. Its rich culture, pleasant climate, beautiful nature, and laid-back lifestyle yearly attract exchange students worldwide. You will soon notice that Spain has everything from long beaches along the coast to impressive mountain ranges and medieval cities.

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Quick facts:
  • Program type: Classic High School, Select High School, and Boarding School

  • Duration: Academic year or semester

  • Visa type: Student visa

  • Language: Basic Spanish knowledge is preferred

About high school in Spain

As an exchange student in Spain, you will get an excellent opportunity to experience the everyday school life of Spanish teenagers.

High school in Spain is made up of two cycles, ESO and Bachillerato. Exchange students are typically enrolled in Bachillerato or the last years of ESO.

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Frequently asked questions

With over 400 million Spanish speakers, the language makes it one of the biggest in the world. This means that you will open many doors by studying here, both regarding future career possibilities and, not least, when it comes to connecting with new people. Look forward to an exchange year full of sunshine, language skills, and friendships!

You will genuinely understand Spanish culture by staying with a Spanish host family. Besides being the ultimate way of finding out more about everyday Spanish life, it is the best way to improve your skills in the Spanish language. Before you know it, you can join intense discussions over family dinners and easily navigate society.

As a part of a Spanish family, you will experience holidays such as Día de Reyes and El Día de Todos Los Santos, celebrated characteristically in Spain’s different regions. You will also enjoy typical Spanish cuisines such as croquettes, tortilla española, and gazpacho soup.

Spain is recognized as one of the top cuisines in the world. The food is, furthermore, often served at very affordable prices in its cafes and restaurants. If you love food, you are definitely doing right in choosing Spain as your exchange destination.

We offer a wide range of high school programs in Spain. These are Classic High School, Select High School, and Boarding School. Contact us for more information!