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Important factors to consider when choosing a high school

When international parents explore academic high school programs in the US, rankings often become the focal point. It’s natural that rankings provide a sense of prestige and assurance, but are rankings really the key to finding the ideal American high school? What are the limitations of relying solely on rankings, and what factors truly matter in choosing the best high school for students’ all-round success?

Choosing a US high school is a significant decision that requires careful consideration. Experienced educational agents understand that parents desire a school environment that fosters well-rounded development in academic, social, and intercultural values. By looking beyond rankings and adopting a holistic approach, educational agents can guide parents in finding the right fit for their child, ensuring a fulfilling educational experience in the US.

Instead of fixating on rankings, it’s important to consider other factors such as:

  • University acceptances
  • Teacher-to-student ratio
  • Population diversity
  • Host family programs
  • Student mental health resources
  • Campus environment

Ranking and American high schools

– It is also crucial to understand that there is no formal and unbiased ranking system for private and boarding high schools in the US, says Carla Kearns, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Educatius.

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