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Empowering 30,000 IELTS teachers in China

Educatius Academy and British Council Exams China have announced a significant partnership aimed at enhancing the services and professional development opportunities for IELTS teachers in China. This collaboration supports the IELTS teacher community by providing a comprehensive range of services designed to enrich their teaching capabilities and professional growth.

The partnership is a strategic alliance with a shared vision of empowering over 30,000 IELTS educators. This initiative is expected to support candidates in achieving their professional aspirations by providing them with enhanced tools and resources.

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Comprehensive programs for professional development

British Council Exams China, recognized as the exclusive partner of the National Education Examination Authority (NEEA) for IELTS operations, boasts a network of over 180 IELTS Test Centres and collaborates with more than 800 partners in the education industry. With 35 years of experience in delivering standardized exams including IELTS to the Chinese market, British Council Exams China has recently launched the IELTS Teachers Community. This community will foster connections among educators, offer frontline teaching support, and facilitate access to high-quality international resources.

Educatius Academy brings over two decades of global experience in educational programs to the partnership. The collaboration will offer comprehensive programs for educators, including supplementary courses for professional development. Programs such as Global Skills for multicultural fluency and English Prep Camps led by native speakers, will equip teachers with the language and cultural skills necessary for international educational roles.

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“We are delighted to partner with British Council Exams China, providing thousands of IELTS teachers in China with our global-standard services, and ultimately, creating better opportunities and access to the world for millions of young talents in China.”

Richard Lehmann, Educatius Academy President

Unlocking the world for Chinese talents

Additionally, Educatius Academy will support the IELTS teacher community through initiatives such as the IELTS Teachers E-Newsletter, which shares teaching case studies, discusses methodologies, and provides updates from official IELTS sources. The partnership will also offer an IELTS Teachers Training program that aligns with IELTS assessment standards, fostering new perspectives and skills in English language instruction.