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Apply for a 5000 USD grant to unlock your vision for a better community

We believe that international high school exchange programs offer more than just an academic and cultural experience; they build confidence and inspire youth to make a positive impact on the world. Exchange students take part in an unforgettable journey, learning from diverse perspectives, and blending the wisdom of their home culture with new insights from their host country.

Community Impact Competition cultivate

Be the change

The world is full of challenges, but it is also full of young people ready to make a difference. The Community Impact Competition is designed for Educatius international exchange students and alumni who are eager to apply their cross-cultural experiences to lead positive change.

Whether it’s revitalizing a local park, launching an educational program for vulnerable children, or leading a community recycling initiative, your project can light the way for others. With a 5000 USD grant and dedicated mentorship from Educatius, your dream for a better world can become a reality. Here is how the application works.

How it works
  • Apply from March 1 to March 31, 2024.

  • Students currently on an Educatius (or strategic partner) semester or academic year program, and past alumni on an Educatius program are eligible.

  • Tell us about your vision for a community impact project, how it’s inspired by your high school experience abroad, and how you plan to use the 5000 USD grant to make your vision successful.
    Whether it’s a sustainability project, a cultural exchange program, or a social entrepreneurship venture, let your imagination and passion guide you.

  • An international panel of judges will review all entries, selecting three finalists to attend a Global Skills Prep Camp online. One final winner will receive the 5000 USD grant and mentorship to bring their project to life, demonstrating the power of youth and education in creating community impact.

  • Submissions must be in English.

  • For inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us

Are you ready to make a lasting impact?

Apply for the Educatius Community Impact Competition today and start your journey towards becoming a global changemaker!