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Educatius launches Global Youth Resilience Index

Educatius Group is proud to announce the publication of the Global Youth Resilience Index, a pioneering study that marks a significant milestone in its Global Youth Resilience Initiative. By examining the resilience of youth across various cultural backgrounds, this comprehensive report offers critical insights for educators, industry leaders, researchers, and all stakeholders involved in the education and development of young people.

Factors impacting youth resilience

The Global Youth Resilience Index, conducted by the global research organization Yougov on behalf of Educatius, queried over 4,000 teenagers from nine countries across four continents in their own language. This extensive research explores the multifaceted aspects of youth resilience, such as confidence, negative cognition, social skills, and connectedness to family, friends, and school across different cultures. It examines the impact of social media use, the benefits of international exposure, gender differences in resilience, and the influence of activities on youth resilience, providing a nuanced understanding of the factors that bolster well-being of today’s teens.


The value of student exchange programs

One of the findings of the report revealed significant gender differences in resilience, with boys generally reporting higher resilience-related factors than girls. This insight calls for tailored support within educational and social programs to ensure inclusivity and responsiveness to the needs of all participants. Additionally, the report highlights the significant role of international exposure in enhancing youth resilience. Teenagers with experiences such as travel without parents or engagement in activities abroad tend to exhibit higher resilience levels, emphasizing the value of student exchange programs in promoting psychological and social well-being.

“The Global Youth Resilience Index offers a roadmap for the evolution of student support and education. It calls on global stakeholders to embrace the diversity of adolescent experiences, cultivate resilience through meaningful cultural exchanges, and prepare youth for a world that is increasingly interconnected and complex. This initiative is a testament to our commitment to not only providing educational opportunities but also to ensuring the holistic development of the students we serve.”

John Cedergårdh, CEO of Educatius Group.
Resilience support and training

Empowering support system

The Global Youth Resilience Initiative extends beyond this research. Educatius collaborates with experienced staff, partners, and teen mental health professionals to provide a comprehensive support system for international students studying high school programs abroad. This includes interactive resilience training for students, host families, natural parents, and staff, all designed with the students’ well-being in mind.

Educatius Group’s Global Youth Resilience Initiative, highlighted by this index, represents a significant step forward in preparing today’s youth for tomorrow.