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Educatius USA’s annual student survey results are released

International students enrolled on an Educatius F-1 program in the United States continue to be satisfied with their study abroad program. In the most recent Educatius USA Student Survey Report, the overall student satisfaction rating reaches an impressive 4.33.

Educatius Group, the world’s largest organization dedicated to high school programs, is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2023. Educatius has earned a spot on the prestigious Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET) list in the USA for nine consecutive years. In 2022 Educatius welcomed the largest number of international students to its USA F-1 host family programs, surpassing all competitors. This outstanding achievement emphasizes Educatius’ ability to facilitate meaningful cultural exchange and provide students from around the world with unparalleled educational opportunities.

“Educatius can help you make your American dream come true. It will support you and be with you throughout your exchange year, making sure your experience in the USA is the best.” – Alba from Spain.

Crucial Indicator of Program Excellence

The Educatius USA Student Survey Report offers an exclusive glimpse into the experiences, opinions, and overall satisfaction levels of F-1 students across various American campuses. The report provides valuable insights into the academic journeys of students, their experiences with host families, and the support they receive from local coordinators. The results serve as a critical resource for assessing the quality of Educatius F-1 programs and the support provided to international students.

Key insights of the Educatius USA Student Survey Report

Impressive student satisfaction

In the recent Spring 2023 survey, the overall student satisfaction rating reached an impressive 4.33, surpassing the results of the past three years and aligning with the satisfaction levels observed in 2019. Furthermore, the Net Promoter Score showed notable improvement, with students now more likely to recommend the program to their peers. As Luiz from Brazil notes: “[Educatius] makes your enrolling process much easier, so you can enjoy the best time of your life!”

‘They are always there when you need them’

Digging deeper into the specific aspects, the average satisfaction with Local Coordinators (LC) received a rating of 3.99. Although slightly lower than the Fall 2022 results, it still outperformed the satisfaction level reported in Spring 2022. Students remark on the professionality of the LC’s. “The coordinators are always there if you need them and they make you not feel lonely”, says Lucia from Spain.

Similarly, host family satisfaction scored impressively high with an average rating of 4.41, surpassing the satisfaction levels of the past three years and matching the commendable score recorded in Spring 2019. When it comes to satisfaction with the school, the average rating stood at 3.91, indicating a level comparable to the previous Spring Surveys. This demonstrates a consistent satisfaction level over time.

Strong student participation

The survey was met with strong participation, with a total of 690 responses collected during April 2023. Students from no less than 30 different countries, including Brazil, China, France, Germany, Norway, Spain, Thailand and Uzbekistan, gave their extensive feedback on their exchange experience. Thanks to their extensive feedback, Educatius gains valuable insights for further improvements and enhancements to its programs.

Overall, these survey results showcase a positive trend in student satisfaction and demonstrates the effectiveness of the efforts made to address concerns and enhance the overall experience of F-1 students on Educatius programs.