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Educatius Academy offers fully accredited high school programs that open doors for ambitious students. You get to experience an American education online without leaving your friends and family.

With an American diploma, you will have a competitive edge when applying for university, internships, and jobs. You will learn skills that benefit you in your future studies. Did you know that a U.S. High School diploma is now within reach of students everywhere? Get your American high school diploma online – alongside your diploma back home!

Together, we’ll get you where you want to go!

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American high school diploma from home

Program Overview

  • Take American High School courses online parallel to your studies at home.
  • Choose from a wide variety of interesting subjects.
  • Finish only 6 credits online.
  • Graduate with two diplomas – one from home and one from the USA.

How Does it Work?

  • Personal study plan setup with Educatius Counselors.
  • Online state of the art learning platform.
  • Program duration 1-4 years depending on pace of study.
  • Program open all year with rolling start dates.
  • Asynchronous independent learning system allows you to study when it is suitable for you.
  • Top level support available through teachers & tutors online.
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With 20 years of experience, Educatius Group is a world leader in international High School programs. We help thousands of students gain an international education every year. Our newest division, Educatius Academy provides online High School programs for students around the world.

Our programs are delivered in partnership with fully accredited American High Schools. We offer the US High School curriculum, and diplomas are recognized in the USA as well as around the world. Teachers, tutors and support staff are trained and experienced in online instruction to best support our students’ success.

No worries – access international education right at home! Earn the required credits through online courses parallel to completing high school in your home country.

Stand Out with an American Diploma

Enhance Your Profile

Show your academic strengths and dedication with a Dual Diploma.

Build Your CV

Open doors at home and abroad with an international profile to your CV.

Gain Competitive Edge

Impress future employers with your ability to master 2 graduations at a young age.

Improve Your English

Develop your English by using it in an academic environment.

How it works

We process enrollments on a rolling basis, so you can apply and start the program at any time. The program is flexible, allowing you to take classes before and after your exchange experience abroad.

Yes! We’ll help you find the right program that blends online studies and study abroad.

Yes! Students can transfer courses from any English-speaking exchange program into the Dual Diploma program. You can start your courses when you get home, or before you go. Contact us to learn more!

Most students complete the diploma programs before they turn 20 years old. But, we also offer a program for students that are a bit older.

It typically takes around 100 – 120 hours to complete a 1 full-credit course. That is about 2.5 – 3 hours per week if you’re spread your studying out over 1 academic year (10 months).

Get a USA High School Diploma Online

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