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This Refundable Deposit Agreement (the “Agreement”) is, by and between:

Educatius Group AB., hereinafter referred to as “Educatius”

Participant (payer of the deposit), hereinafter called the “Participant.”

The Participant has expressed interest in enrolling in an educational program offered by Educatius. As part of the application process, Educatius requires a refundable deposit to initiate the process.

Deposit Amount
The Participant shall submit a refundable deposit in the amount of $50.00 (the “Deposit”) to the Educatius to initiate the consulting and application process. This Deposit shall be paid by credit card using Educatius’ payment processor of choice.

Refund and Application
The Deposit is fully refundable in the following circumstances:

– If the Participant is not accepted into the educational program.

– If the Participant withdraws their application before signing the final contract.

If the Participant is accepted into the educational program, the Deposit will be applied toward the program fees. The Participant shall receive notification of the amount applied, and any remaining program fees shall be payable by per the terms of the program.

Forfeiture of Deposit
If the Participant fails to meet the requirements of the application process, including attending the English test and interview, the Deposit shall be forfeited, and the Educatius shall have no further obligation to the Participant.

In the event that Educatius cancels the English test or interview for any reason, the Participant shall be entitled to a full refund of the Deposit.

Any dispute should primarily be resolved by the parties through negotiation in relation to this agreement. If the parties cannot agree, the dispute can be tried by the General Complaints Board or by a general court.

The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and constituted in accordance with the laws of Sweden, and any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions or the program shall be settled by ordinary courts of Sweden.