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Maur Hill Mount Academy

Private Boarding School – Atchison , Kansas

Maur Hill-Mount Academy (MH-MA) is a Catholic, co-ed, college prep high school developed to model a college campus environment. It is located in a safe community, while
having the benefits of a larger metropolitan city nearby for weekend trips. With a tradition in education since its founding in 1863, MH-MA has welcomed international students and supported their academic growth and mastery of English in preparation for their future success. MH-MA enrolls 200 students from the US and around the world who represent a variety of cultures and religions.

The academic buildings, dormitories, dining hall, and athletic facilities are centrally located on a spacious 90 acre campus. All facilities are modern and climate controlled with Wi-Fi throughout. Recent campus projects have included a renovated science wing, new dorm room furniture, improved athletic facilities including a new workout/exercise center, a green house, and a renovated auditorium.

Sports and Arts
All sports and arts offerings are deemed necessary parts of a student’s education, as well as an important piece of the students resume for college. With over 30 arts/sports/ clubs opportunities, students have the best chance to become an influential part of the MH-MA community.

Dormitories and Student Life
Each fully furnished dorm has lounges, student kitchens, recreational rooms, snack areas, laundry facilities, and storage rooms. In the boy’s dorm, two boys share a room while in the girl’s dorm each girl has their own room. The school provides trips on weekends for sightseeing, activities, movies, ballgames, concerts, amusement parks, and more. Overnight trips during longer breaks are also available, including the spring 2017 student trip to Europe.

Atchison is located about one hour west of Kansas City, Missouri.

Area population: 10,925
Town website: City of Atchison

Estimated Start Date: Mid-August
Estimated End Date: Late May

School Facts

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Number of Students




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Average Class Size


ESL Programs


IB Programs


Offer Diploma


School Uniform


Campus Size

90 Acres

Religious Affiliation


SAT Average


Foreign Languages

  • French
  • Spanish

University Acceptance Rate



  • Advanced Art
  • Beginner Art
  • Band
  • Choir
  • Layout and Design
  • Music Appreciation
  • Photography

AP Courses

  • Algebra
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Calculus
  • English
  • US Government and Politics
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Spanish Language


  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Cheerleading
  • Cross Country Running
  • Dance
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling
  • Track and Field

Extracurricular Activities & Clubs

  • Student Ambassadors
  • Art
  • Chess
  • Choir
  • Debate
  • Drama
  • Forensics
  • International
  • Journalism
  • Math
  • National Honor Society
  • Pep Band
  • Photography
  • Scholars Bowl
  • Science
  • Yearbook

School Location

Partial List of College and University Acceptances

Boston College, California Institute of the Arts, Creighton University, Davis College, Duke University Northwestern University, Johns Hopkins University, Pennsylvania State University, Purdue University, State University of New York, Syracuse University, University of California, University of California- Los Angeles, University of Kansas, University of Michigan, University of Notre Dame, University of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt University

University Acceptance Rate:

Closest International and Local Airports: Kansas City International (MCI)
For Details Visit Website: Maur Hill-Mount Academy

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