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Green forests, snowy hills, blooming rapeseed fields or cosy small towns – become an exchange student in the beautiful country of Sweden! Sweden is a part of the Nordic countries and is known for its forest-covered landscapes, chilly weather, and so-called “fika” breaks.

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Why study High School in Sweden

Become an exchange student in the beautiful country of Sweden! Sweden is a part of the Nordic countries and is known for its forest-covered landscapes, chilly weather, and so-called “fika” breaks.

Even if you have not been to Sweden before, chances are that you are already in touch with the country every day. Despite Sweden’s small size, it has had a massive success within the commercial and industrial life as well as music export. IKEA, Spotify, H&M, Tetra Pak are all companies and innovations from here. You probably also recognize musicians and groups such as ABBA, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, and Zara Larsson.

If not – make sure to check them out before heading here, to be able to join the singalongs in this fascinating country.

Välkommen till Sverige!

Where do students live?

Staying with a Swedish Host Family

When staying with a host family, you will gain a true insight into the Swedish culture. It is the best way to become fluent in the Swedish language as well as experiencing the everyday life of the Swedes. Swedish families may be a bit more withdrawn than what families in, for instance, the more southern parts of Europe generally are, which you probably will notice on the family gatherings. Feel free to take a lot of initiatives and start conversations yourself, both at home and in school – that will definitely take you far. Once you get to know the Swedes, you can count on them being loyal and good friends.

Midsummer & Crayfish Parties

The big holiday’s in Sweden are not very unique for the country. The biggest one is Christmas, which you will get the chance to celebrate on December 24th, followed by Easter, as in many other places around the world. Something that is a bit more characteristic to Sweden is the Midsummer celebrations in June as well as the crayfish season, that usually takes place from late July – September. Then so-called “kräftskivor” are arranged, where you decorate the room with crayfish garnishment, wear funny hats, sing songs, and eat crayfish. This a cute and interesting little celebration, which you definitely will enjoy, whether you like seafood or not.

The Swedish Food Culture

Typical Swedish dishes are, for instance, meatballs with potato, sauce, and lingonberry jam, Swedish hash with pickled beetroot, as well as potato griddle cake. The vegetarian culture has grown relatively strong in Sweden the last couple of years, and most of the Swedish high schools include one vegetarian option in the school’s cafeteria. There are also usually many vegetarian options in cafés and restaurants as well, especially in the larger cities. As an exchange student in Sweden, you will most likely be approached to the typical Swedish dishes at home by your host family and in school, but when having food outside you will notice that the international food culture, with dishes from countries such as Japan, Italy, Mexico, Thailand, and the Middle East.

High School Programs in Sweden

Classic High School is the traditional high school program that most students choose. This is the perfect choice for you who long for a genuine exchange experience. We match you with a carefully selected host family and high school in your chosen country. You can be placed in a bustling big city, charming coastal town, or on the countryside close to the nature. This is the program for you that are open-minded, and excited to try new things. 

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