Opportunities at Educatius

About Educatius Group
Educatius Group’s academic programs help international students from around the world to achieve their dreams to study abroad — mainly in the USA but in other countries too. Over many years, our high-quality academic programs have combined the best of American public and private high schools and universities with a supportive living environment. Whether a student is searching for a top academic preparatory school, or for a semester experience attending a California high school and living with a host family, or for the chance to earn a scholarship at a competitive university — Educatius has the range of programs to match!

Located downtown in the heart of the financial district, our Boston office focuses on the full high school study abroad experience. We work with students, host families, and support teams across the US and with our teams across the globe. Interested in helping us give students the opportunity to study abroad? Contact our team at hr@educatius.org to see if there is a fit for you.