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Why become a school partner with Educatius?

Since 2003, Educatius Group has welcomed students from around the world to academic programs worldwide. As a trusted partner and global leader to over 250 American schools, we offer our school partners the opportunity to diversify their student body with qualified, tuition-paying international students. With offices, experienced staff, and local partners around the world, we provide schools truly international student recruitment.

Educatius has an extensive background placing thousands of international students on F-1 programs between the ages of 14 – 19 years old into public, private day, and boarding high schools across the United States. In fact, governments across Asia, Latin America and Europe have entrusted our organization for many years to receive and support their sponsored students to study high school abroad.

Through our high school partnerships, Educatius has enriched student populations across the USA. Our international students have added diversity and a global perspective while the increased tuition and student numbers have helped fund educational programs at schools nationwide.

Are you looking to diversify your school with

tuition-paying international students?

Educatius Group recruits students from 50+ countries into USA F-1 high school programs across the USA. Together with our partner schools, we help make students’ dreams of studying abroad become a reality. No single nationality represents more than 30% of our entire student population. Our students are well prepared to expand their knowledge and gain a new cultural understanding of America. We work directly with our international partners across a global network of offices to consult students in selecting a school that best fits their interests and academic abilities.

Educatius offers:

  • Student recruitment from Asia, Latin America and Europe.
  • Sales and support offices in over 15 key countries including Germany, Brazil, China, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Turkey, Sweden, Norway, Thailand, and more.
  • Global diversity to our school partners with students enrolled from 50+ countries.

Do you want an international recruitment agency that prioritizes quality?


When you partner with an international student recruitment organization, you need to be confident that they are experienced and committed to school support and student well-being. Commitment to both quality and care for our international students and partners is the top priority for Educatius Group.

Educatius aims for the highest level of quality when dealing with students, partner schools, and host families. We go above and beyond to ensure that everyone we work with gets the highest level of customer service.

For the past 7 years, Educatius has been listed by CSIET (Council on Standards for International Educational Travel) for its USA F-1 inbound day high school program. Our strict set of homestay program procedures meets the national standards of CSIET and aims to provide the best possible experience for our students.

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Do you seek a partner that reaches a global audience to promote your school worldwide?

Educatius Group’s marketing activities engage prospective students throughout the world via numerous channels including international and local outreach activities.

Extensive Global Network

  • Educatius offices in over 15 key countries provide valuable market expertise and share the unique attributes of our partner schools to attract quality students.
  • We collaborate with over 500 trusted local partners across 6 continents to bring schools students from around the world.

International Marketing Activities

  • Educatius promotes our school partners by means of country-specific materials in numerous languages through brochures, special events, and trainings.
  • Our InsiderFair recruitment tours offer schools the opportunity to travel with Educatius to personally promote their school abroad. For schools that have limited time and resources, we offer the option for Educatius USA staff to represent them at these events.

Comprehensive online marketing efforts

  • Our website is translated into 4 languages, digital marketing campaigns, and social media efforts reach thousands of students across the globe.

Can your school effectively handle the ongoing process to manage international students?


Our experienced teams in the USA and abroad support our schools throughout the entire international student process. Each school is assigned a personal Educatius Account Manager to develop the partnership and promote schools’ interests. Staff in our Boston headquarters facilitate enrollment, manage tuition payments, and support schools and students with queries or issues. Locally, we provide host families and support for all our students.

Educatius takes responsibility to manage the expectations and needs of our students, while our school partners can focus on the success in the classroom.

Educatius Group Supports Schools and Students

  • Educatius teams abroad provide international marketing, school promotion and student recruitment
  • Our worldwide staff and partners across the globe review the interests, budget, academic abilities, and extra-curricular activities to advise students.
  • A thorough examination is made of students' qualifications to ensure the validity of their achievements.
  • We follow a strict policy to expedite the student application process and facilitate personal interviews between school and student.
  • Educatius provides host family services including recruiting, vetting, and student placement in caring families
  • Our students are prepared with an orientation prior to arrival in the USA.
  • Throughout the year, we support our schools, host families, and students and provide monthly progress reports to keep natural parents updated.

Do you need a reliable host family service for international students?

For over a decade, Educatius Group has provided homestay programs for students across the USA. Join the group of schools nationwide that trust Educatius to manage their students’ homestay experience.

Our homestay program is more than just placing a student in a home. Throughout the program, we work together with students, schools and families to ensure a positive experience that supports our students’ academic goals.

We are proud to be CSIET listed

CSIET ensures State Department compliance with regards to minor children and placement in host families. Educatius is proud to meet the CSIET national set of standards established to protect the welfare and safety of minor children for our F-1 inbound day high school program. Our strict set of homestay procedures not only meets CSIET standards but more importantly aims to provide the best possible experience for our students and support our school partners.

CSIET 2021-2022 Educatius Certification Logo


Our Homestay Services Include:

  • Professional screening of host families including criminal background check
  • A national support network providing logistical and administrative support
  • A Quality Control Division that ensures the best match between the student and the family
  • Designated local coordinator providing ongoing support
  • Monthly status meetings and reports to student’s parents
  • 24-hour Emergency Assistance Hotline
  • Student insurance for health, travel and other liabilities

For more information on our traditional host family services for all incoming Educatius students, please see: Educatius Homestay Services

Need host family services for your non-Educatius international F-1 Students? In some locations, we can provide our quality homestay program for your non-Educatius students, including students who apply directly to your school. Contact us if you are interested.

The American School Group Tour Program


What is a School Group Tour Program?

Educatius School Group Tour Program is designed for the US upper middle and high school students and their teachers who want to expand the classroom beyond its walls and visit some of Europe's most popular destinations during their school breaks. The group's numbers range from 10 to 40 students. All middle school groups must come with their own chaperone due to the younger age of the participants. Some of the most requested destinations include Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Sweden.

How long is the School Group Tour Program?

The School Group Tour Program usually runs for 7-12 days. The groups can be recruited in one school or put together from students of various schools/counties/states.

Who are the School Group Tour students and how are they selected for the program?

All Group Tour students are American upper middle school (grades 7 & 8) and high school students between the ages of 12 and 18. They are carefully screened by Educatius USA office and its school partners for maturity, personality, and interest to explore the world. No foreign language requirement is needed.

What is included in the program?

All Group Tour Programs are carefully organized by Educatius partner offices overseas. The program includes airfare (the parents can opt out) and airport transfer at the destination, hotels, breakfasts and dinners, entrance fees to the local attractions, guided tours, and support of the in-country Tour Coordinator.

What is the deadline to apply for the School Group Tour Program?

The School Group Tour Program enrollment is ongoing depending on the preferred departure date. Contact us for more information!


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Educatius is a global leader in international student recruitment. We successfully collaborate with over 250 boarding, private day, and public districts. We look forward to addressing your questions and advising you regarding your school's specific needs.


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What Our School Partners Say

“ Three years ago, we ventured into the international student program; a program that would bring foreign students to our school for tuition. From the first day we began working with Educatius, we were pleased with the partnership. They were always accessible to answer any questions and the staff was upbeat and positive. I look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.”