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Why become a school partner with Educatius?

For over 15 years, Educatius Group has been a trusted partner and global leader to over 250 American schools, providing added exposure and consultative support to reach a truly international student population. Through our high school partnerships, Educatius has enriched student populations across the USA by adding diversity, a global perspective and helping fund educational programs.

Educatius has an extensive background placing thousands of international students on F-1 programs between the ages of 14 – 19 years old into public, private day, and boarding high schools across the United States. In fact, governments across Asia, Latin America and Europe have entrusted our organization for many years to receive and support their sponsored students to study high school abroad. Our school account teams are comprised of professionals that include former educators, school administrators, and superintendents, with extensive years of experience and a robust network.

Global Diversity


Educatius Group welcomes students to the USA from 50 + countries and continents to make their dreams of studying abroad a reality. No single nationality represents more than 22% of our entire student population. Our students are well-prepared to expand their knowledge and gain a new cultural understanding of America. We work directly with our international partners across a global network of offices to consult students in selecting the school of their choice. Many of them look forward to the arrival in your community and school from all parts of the world including Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Educatius offers:

  • Student recruitment from Asia, Latin America and Europe. 
  • Offices in over 15 key countries including Germany, Brazil, China, Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Turkey, Sweden, Norway and many more.
  • Diversity to our school partners with students enrolled from 50 + countries.

Commitment to Quality

Are your international students in a fully vetted host family? Are they benefiting from a family that only speaks English in the household - which leads to academic and social success?

Since 2009, Educatius Group has been placing students with safe and hospitable host families across the USA. As a trusted partner and experienced agency, Educatius will manage the placement services for all F-1 students. Every home must be good fit for the student, the host family and the school. 

Educatius works closely with local partners in different cities and towns to assure the students' welfare and they are in excellent hands. As a partner school, it's our commitment that all international students are in safe environments for the students to thrive in the different programs.

Worldwide Marketing and Promotion


At Educatius Group, we value our school partners and continue to build upon these strong relationships. We provide international students access to US public, private day, and boarding schools, with an opportunity for schools to connect with a global audience. Our international offices and expert staff work with school administrators to promote the unique attributes of each school to students across the globe.

Educatius offers all the benefits of a worldwide organization, while still providing personalized attention to our school partners and each student.

Our US account team supports our global staff to become knowledgeable on the attributes of your school. Throughout the year, we provide training, educational webinars, as well as invite our partners and staff to special events. This enables our team to understand the value of each school and confidently promote the program to prospective students.

Local Sales and Community Outreach Initiatives

  • Our international sales offices and local partners engage prospective students at high school events, workshops and seminars.

Multilingual Marketing Materials

  • Educatius works each year with the schools to update individual profiles in English, as well as multiple languages including German, Italian, Swedish, Vietnamese and others. 
  • Additionally, we mail over 5,000 brochures and specialty flyers to our partners overseas to promote schools to students. 

Advanced School Search

  • Our Advanced School Search featured on the website allows students to devise a list of schools that meet their criteria.


  • Schools are invited to participate in our series of recruitment fairs in China, Vietnam, Europe and Latin America to meet directly and interview prospective students and families. Our schedule of fairs and educational workshops take place in such cities as Madrid, Milan, Shanghai, Sao Paulo and more.
  • Educatius organizes groups of our overseas partners to visit schools in the USA.

Training with Our International Staff and Partners

  • In-depth training and workshops with our international staff provides detailed information about each school.
  • We host regular online webinars with overseas partners to stay up-to-date on different academic programs.
  • Throughout the year, we create and distribute brochures, online resources, and additional materials to keep our partners abreast of new schools and updated programs.
  • Educatius recognizes our staff for their continuous hard work and we honor them with appreciation events and award ceremonies.

Online Community Outreach

  • Educatius promotes regular success stories and other activities highlighting the students, schools, and host families across social media. Additionally, we share more specific examples of personal experiences on our blogs. Follow us at our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram communities to learn more!

School Support and Service

Educatius provides our school partners a team with extensive experience in education, as well as market intelligence on international students. Each school is assigned a personal account representative to make sure all preparations are in place for student’s arrival. It’s our priority to meet your goals and provide a timely response to address any questions to meet your future needs. 

Our international team collaborates with our national Boston office to facilitate the entire application process. Our local staff communicates with each school to ensure they are Sevis certified and accredited to accept F-1 students. On a daily basis, they monitor the current availability at each school to meet the different preferences of the students. Educatius takes responsibility to manage the expectations of our students, while our school partners can focus on the future success in the classroom.

Educatius Group Supports Schools and Students

  • A through examination of students' qualifications to ensure the validity of their achievements. 
  • We follow a strict policy to expedite the student application process.
  • Our worldwide staff across the globe reviews the interests, budget, academic abilities, and extra-curricular activities to advise students.
  • We facilitate personal interviews between school and student.
  • Our students are prepared with an orientation prior to arrival in the USA. 
  • We provide students with a warm welcoming host families.
  • Throughout the year, we provide regular progress reports to update families.

CSIET Host Family Program

We are proud to be CSIET (Council on Standards for International Education Travel) listed and Educatius upholds all their standards across the entire organization.

Our Host Family Services Include:

  • Pre-screening of host family including criminal background check
  • A national support network providing logistical and administrative support
  • Monthly stipend for host family to offset expenses
  • A Quality Control Division ensures the best match between the student and the family
  • Bedroom with desk, dresser and storage
  • 3 well-balanced meals per day
  • Airport pick-up at arrival
  • Designated local coordinator providing ongoing support
  • Monthly status meetings and reports to student’s parents
  • Special events and holiday celebrations with families
  • 24-hour Emergency Assistance Hotline
  • Insurance for the student for health, travel and other liabilities.

For more information on our traditional host family services for all incoming Educatius students: Educatius Homestay Services

Need Assistance with Hosting Students for All Your International F-1 Students? We will provide quality host family placements not only for our Educatius students, but we hope to become a good resource for all your needs. Educatius will help to secure families in your area for all your international students directly applying to your school. Additionally, we will work schools to develop a set criteria for assessing future international applicants and assist your faculty with the student's acceptance into your programs.

Meet students with Educatius InsiderFair Tours! 

Want to gain more exposure and learn firsthand about specific overseas student markets?

Educatius offers our school partners the opportunity to travel and meet directly with our international staff and local partners, as well as students in different parts of the world. Throughout the year, our partner schools are invited to travel with us and participate in agent training and international high school student recruitment events.


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Nauset High School

“ Three years ago, we ventured into the international student program; a program that would bring foreign students to our school for tuition. From the first day we began working with Educatius, we were pleased with the partnership. They were always accessible to answer any questions and the staff was upbeat and positive. I look forward to continuing our partnership for many years to come.”

Tom Conrad, Nauset High School
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Educatius is a global leader in international student recruitment. We successfully collaborate with over 250 boarding, private day and public districts. We look forward to addressing your questions and advising your school's specific needs. 


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