Educatius Group Sales and Schools Teams 2019

Meet the Educatius Group Team

Educatius Group Founder, Owner, CEO - Tom Ericsson  Tom Ericsson
Executive Chairman

Tom Ericsson's commitment to help international students study abroad began over 30 years ago in Sweden. Since then, Tom has been an industry leader in several prominent global study abroad organizations, including ASPECT, and, today, of course, Explorius AB and Educatius Group.

Through Tom’s vision, Educatius Group was one of the first organizations to offer USA F1 Private Day and Public High School programs to international students. Through an extensive network of school partners, caring host family coordinators and professional staff, Educatius now welcomes thousands of students a year from over 50 countries to study at an American high school. Today Educatius' study abroad programs for international students also include University Placement in the USA as well as inbound High School programs in 13 other countries including the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Australia and Scandinavia. Tom is also the founder of AiDucatius, supporting the alleviation of poverty by providing tuition payments, school supplies and clean drinking water to disadvantaged communities in Africa and South America.

John Cedergårdh
CEO of Educatius Group

John joined Educatius in 2020. Before that he was Chief Executive Officer at STS Education, an international group of companies offering language education, high school and study abroad programs through a network of its own 15 offices located across Europe and the USA. He also served as a board member of the industry organization WYSE Travel Confederation between 2017-2020.

Prior to this, John held senior management positions within the industry for more than ten years and during that time lived in four different countries. More recently, he was based in London as COO for the UK based English Language school chain Stafford House, a part of Cambridge Education Group.

John studied at the University of Gothenburg and spent semesters abroad in Innsbruck, Austria and at the University of North Florida, USA.

 Pete Jackson, COO of Educatius Group

Pete Jackson
Chief Operating Officer of Educatius Group

Pete joined Educatius in 2021, moving from CATS Global Schools where he most recently held the position of group COO / CFO, playing a strategic leading role in the management of the group through the COVID-19 pandemic.  Before accepting the Chief Operating Officer position, Pete worked across multiple sectors of international education, in roles covering finance, operations and project management.
As part of his experience in education, Pete has been through two successful sale cycles with Cambridge Education Group and was actively involved in a number of acquisitions within the industry.
Pete studied Accountancy and Finance in Nottingham, UK and is a fully qualified management accountant.
Educatius Group CFO - Richard Lehmann Richard Lehmann
President, Educatius Academy Online

Richard graduated from college in Innsbruck, Austria in hotel management. After spending some years in the hotel industry he ended up working for STS (student travel schools), a Swedish based educational company. He worked in different management positions for 13 years.

Richard started his own IT company selling a specialised software for the tour operator industry before joining Educatius as CFO. Richard has over 25 years of experience in the education/travel industry.
Educatius Group North American President - Paul McLaughlin Paul McLaughlin
Chief Technology Officer

Paul has 20 years of industry experience and joined Educatius after serving in senior executive roles in two other leading student exchange organizations. He's a strategic leader who focuses on forming long-term partnerships with customers. Paul brings a great mix of leadership, inspiration, operational experience, technical breadth, and passion for our business that translates to organizational growth and innovation.

Paul received a degree in Economics from the University of Massachusetts, and he completed the Senior Executive Program at Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Paul also serves as the Board Chair for the CSIET.
President Educatius 



Matt Smith
President of Educatius, North America

Matt developed a passion for cultural exchange by living, studying and working abroad at a young age.  An interest in facilitating immersive, international academic and professional programs, akin to what he experienced, led him to this industry more than 25 years ago.

Prior to joining Educatius, Matt held key executive leadership positions at two of the world’s largest international exchange organizations.  At EF Education, he held a variety of senior executive roles, domestically and internationally, with a focus on international high school exchange programs and J1/BridgeUSA programs.  More recently, at CIEE, the largest U.S. Department of State-designated sponsor of the Bridge USA / J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program, as Executive Vice President he led the team that brings more than 30,000 participants annually into the USA.  A graduate with honors from Connecticut College, Matt has served as a Board Member on several of the leading industry associations including the Council on Standards in International Education Travel (CSIET), the Alliance for International Exchange and the Coalition for American Public Diplomacy and Leadership.

President of Educatius Australia and New Zealand

James Crimp
President of Educatius, Australia and New Zealand

Former President of Explorius Education, James has worked in international education for nearly 30 years and has been working with Educatius Group since 2014. Before, James was a director at STS in Sweden working heavily in strategy and development of youth based High School and Language School programs primarily within Europe, Asia and USA. James has spent a considerable amount of time in China working closely with the Chinese educational authorities helping in the development of English language learning within state-run institutions.

James is currently based in Sydney also acting as National Director of Student Exchange Australia and New Zealand Ltd as well as a board member of Southern Cross Cultural Exchange based in Melbourne.



Educatius Group Vice President of Marketing and Communications - Carla Kearns Carla Kearns
Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Raised in Toronto Ontario, Carla graduated from the University of Western Ontario. From teaching kindergarten to international students in Taiwan, marketing study abroad programs for ASPECT International, managing an online ad agency in Hawaii, to overseeing a China business training center in Canada, Carla is inspired by international education, technology and intercultural communications. Carla also directed $62 Million Canadian federal environmental program "Retire Your Ride," was the founder of the Canada China Environmental Forum, and served on the board of directors for international organizations HKCBA and OWIT.

At Educatius, Carla works with a global team developing online channels to support local recruitment of academic international students for high schools and universities in the USA.
Petra King, Vice President of Digital Solutions at Educatius 

Petra King
Vice President of Digital Solutions

Petra has worked in several international organizations across the world during her career. Her last position before joining Educatius in 2022, was as CEO for STS Education, a company offering language travel as well as high school exchange programs.  Prior to this, Petra has held senior marketing position in companies such as Essity, Save the Children, British Airways as well as in digital agencies. Together with her family, she has lived in many parts of the world and she started her passion for travel as an exchange student in the USA. Petra is educated at Gothenburg University, University of Valencia and London Business School.

Christian Sandberg  

Christian Sandberg
Vice President of Operations

Christian oversees the business development, admissions as well as quality and compliance teams for Educatius in North America. He joined Educatius in 2013 and has, among other things been responsible for leading the CSIET certification and setting up the student experience team. Before joining Educatius he worked in corporate communications for agencies in Malmo, Sweden and Brussels, Belgium.

He has a master’s degree in international business from Uppsala University in Sweden. He is based in Boston.

Educatius Group Director of Sales - Andreas Beyer Andreas Beyer
Director of Sales, Europe

Andreas has worked in the education industry since 1997. After graduating from the University of Lund, he joined STS Student Travel Schools working in various positions for high school and other international education programs. 

After a 3 year break from the industry, Andreas spent time in recruitment as a Regional Director for Adecco. He later joined Educatius becoming responsible for agent sales 9 years ago.
Educatius Group Sales and Marketing Director of Southeast Asia - Emma Hansson Emma Hansson
Director of Sales and Marketing, Asia

Emma was born and raised in Sweden. After finishing high school she went to Beijing for a year to study Mandarin Chinese. Ever since then Asia has played an important part of her life. In college she went to the United States where she majored in International Relations with a focus on Asia.

For the last 10 years she has worked in the study abroad industry predominately involved with placing international students from China and Vietnam. Having been an international student in both China and the United States and fluent in Swedish, English and Mandarin Chinese, Emma believes strongly in the mission of Educatius to provide opportunities for more students to study abroad.
 Educatius Group Country Director for Korea - Barney Kim
Barney Kim
Country Manager, Korea

Barney Kim graduated from Korea University and worked at LG for two years before starting at ASPECT Int’l language school in 1995. At ASPECT he worked as a country manager of the Korea office for five years and then he worked as a country manager at STS Korea until 2005. From 2006, he worked under Explorius until 2016 before joining Educatius Korea as the country manager. He has been working with Tom for more than 23 years and he has been with Educatius since the beginning.
 Educatius Group Sales Manager for Turkey - Sara Percin Sara Percin
Sales Manager, Turkey

Since she studied Social Anthropology at Istanbul University, she fell in love with learning and understanding the diversity of other cultures. She followed her passion to London where she lived for over a year as an ESL student and enjoyed the experience of living with a host family.

Her university life set her on course to become an international education counselor in 1998, and after eight years of working with students & parents she left to pursue her career by working closely with agents as the country manager for a global language school group, managing their liaison office in Turkey for three and a half years.

After taking a short time pursuing other opportunities, she came back to the international education industry in 2012, becoming the editor-in-chief of a unique student magazine and portal, as well as a consultant helping international education providers with their marketing efforts to recruit in Turkey. In February 2016, Sara joined the Educatius team as Sales Manager in Turkey.
 Educatius Group Sales and Marketing Manager Brazil Juliana Varela Juliana Varela
Sales and Marketing Manager, Brazil

Juliana has worked in the field of international education since 2000, after returning from one year as high school student in Florida and working for Disney World during a summer program. She graduated from university with a degree in marketing, worked for great established agents in Brazil sending students all over the world, and spent 4 years in New Zealand, where she had the opportunity to work as general manager for a high school organization based in Auckland that worked with students from Brazil, Germany, Italy and Spain. Working for Educatius since 2013, she has the position of Sales and Marketing Manager for Latin America.
 Glenn Jones

Glenn Jones
Sales Manager for United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Europe Programmes

Working in the industry of international education since 2006 and even longer in the tourism industry, Glenn is the sales manager for high school programmes in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

Glenn studied at Middlesex University in London. Before joining Educatius UK in 2015, he ran vacation language programmes for teenagers around the UK, New York City, and San Francisco. After spending 10 wonderful years living in Manchester, England he has recently got married and moved to Rome, Italy to live la dolce vita.