Students at San Maco High School celebrate homcoming

What do our students say about our program?

With over 15 years of high school study abroad experience, Educatius continues to provide students with the opportunity to grow and learn while studying abroad. Not only do students get to study in at a top-notch high school, but they will take home an experience they will never forget.

Don't believe us? Check-out what some of our students had said about their own study abroad experience!

Isadora A from Brazil

“My study abroad program, for sure, was the most incredible thing that happened to me. Here, I have learned how to make some choices by myself and create responsibility. I had the opportunities of seeing basketball, baseball, and football games, had the chance to hike the Grand Canyon, the chance to try the famous “IN N OUT” burgers, and the amazing opportunity to learn about different cultures! I will for sure keep these months in my heart and mind forever!”

Attending Williams High School, in Arizona

Chau Minh From Vietnam

“It’s a marvelous school with amazing exterior. It looks like a castle and the people in my school are really nice. ”

Attending Tacoma Public Schools, in Seattle

Nicola From Italy

“My school is quite big and completely different from my Italian high school. I really like all the opportunities the school offers, in terms of sports, volunteering, clubs, etc.”

Attending Newfoundland and Labrador English School District, in Canada

Chunchun From China

“I really really love my school! And, I have so many friends, everyone is really friendly! Everything is great! The school and host family are really nice.”

Attending school in Pennsylvania

Christina A from Norway

“Being an exchange student at Oak Park High in California has been an adventure from beginning to end. The girls on my golf team were the first American friends I made and even though the season is over I’m still close to them!”

Attending Oak Park High School, in California

Comomo From Japan

“My school is huge, like a city. It has around 4000 students and it's the bggest school in Arizona. Teachers and students of my school are very friendly and helpful.”

Attending Mesa Public Schools, in Arizona

Marlene From Germany

“AMAZING!!! It’s so different from my German school. I really like my school! The hallways and classrooms are always clean, and the teachers are very supportive. ”

Attending Our Lady of Good Counsel High School, in Maryland

Maria From Brazil

“My school is amazing! Teachers and staff are passionate about what they do and truly care about the students. The students are amazing and it’s easy to make friends, especially if you do a sport. The friends that I made at school are like a family to me.”

Attending school in Arizona

Srinthorn C. from Thailand

“ I joined the soccer team at school and got to play in many school soccer games. It was really cool. I loved it! I went on a college tour and did many things during my study abroad. I learned the true meaning of friendship and met a lot of people from different cultures. This year truly was a life-changing year. Studying abroad was one of my goals as a high school student, and I did it! I was so happy to do it!”

Attending high school in Utah

Roberto From Spain

“It's very big and it's great since there are many students and the teachers are very good! The high school takes care of its students and the experience is very good!”

Attending high school in New York

Isabella From Brazil

“I love my school. I love the teachers and my classmates. I’m so glad to have this opportunity to study in Ontario High School. It’s an amazing school! ”

Attending high school in Canada

Ching Tung From Taiwan

“Students are friendly, polite, lovely, and the teachers are all willing to help me. I really appreciated that. I think everything is perfect and wonderful.”

Attending school New York

Yuxuan from China

“This is my third year in Michigan. Being an international student is definitely not very easy. I am really thankful for having such a great host family who supports me a lot. And having three siblings is definitely a great experience especially for me who is the only child in China. I loved and learned how siblings really care about each other. Also, I loved the experience I had abroad. I made a lot of friends and had a lot of fun times. I feel so lucky and it is unbelievable that people from different parts of the world met up here and became friends.”

Atttending West Catholic High School, in Michigan

Caterina From Italy

“My school is different from my Italian school. The classes are easy, the teachers care about every student, the students were very welcoming.”

Attending Mesa Public Schools, in Arizona

Chaemin From South Korea

“Very good. I love how most students are engaged in school sports, and everyone has been generally very kind.”

Attending Chelsea High School, in Michigan

Julia From Brazil

“My school is a lot bigger than my school back home. People are nice, and I made some good friends. The teachers are awesome, and they are always trying to help me with anything I need.”

Attending high school in Arizona

Rocio From Spain

“I love the people of my school because if I don't understand something, they help me. The teachers help me a lot!”