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Last year we placed more than 6,000 international students from 60+ countries into more than 1,000 high school programs in 17 countries, including many government sponsored students. With major offices in Gothenburg, Boston, Shanghai, Toronto, Manchester, and Melbourne, as well as support staff and satellite offices around the world, we have more than 300 full-time and 1,000 part-time staff globally to help international students succeed.

We hope you will find this page useful for finding information about our high school programs around the world. If you need us, please find our contact details on the right and we will be happy to assist! Here's an overview of our programs.

Don't forget that our team can help you decide which school and program is best for each of your students. Please fill out this form as much as possible about your students, and we will get back to you with our customized recommendations. 


SELECT USA High School Toolkit for 2019

Stay tuned for 2020!

USA Specialty High School Programs
In addition to our F-1 Academic Semester, Year and/or Multiple Year Programs at 200+ High Schools in the USA, we have several special programs for your students!  

  • Diploma Year Program - Students entering grade 12 in many of our high schools can earn a US high school diploma in 1 year.
  • Academic (F-1) Exchange - Students grades 9-12 who would like a lower priced high school program in the USA but still have all the benefits and flexibility of an F-1 program should consider the Academic Exchange. Students can earn a diploma in grade 12!
  • Short Term Program - Students who want to study on a short term program can chose from great Public or Private Day schools in our SELECT portfolio located in California, New York State, Florida, Massachusetts, Georgia or Iowa!
  • Elite College Prep - highly personalized coaching for students who dream to attend a top university. Contact

SELECT Canada Toolkit
(For January 2019 semester or 10-12 week, please use 2018 prices)

UK & Ireland Toolkit  

Inbound Europe Toolkit 

  • Educatius has Classic Programs available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Spain, France, Germany
  • SELECT Programs are available in France and Spain  
  • Brochure for Inbound Europe Programs 
  • Prices per market – please contact your sales manager or for prices for students from your country