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Empowering high school students

The Global Youth Resilience Initiative by Educatius is our mission to support resilience among our high school students. Drawing from over two decades of expertise in fostering international high school experiences abroad and cross-cultural exchanges, Educatius has always focused on the well-being of the international students in our care. This groundbreaking undertaking underlines Educatius’ comprehensive support for teens embarking on life-changing educational journeys.

Unlocking well-being

Year after year, Educatius welcomes thousands of international students from more than 50 nations, offering them the prospect of personal growth, academic advancement, and cross-cultural exploration. While international students generally thrive during their exchange programs, Educatius is aware of the challenges that teens in general may confront, particularly when navigating unfamiliar linguistic and cultural environments far from the comforts of home.

“Our mission at Educatius transcends the boundaries of traditional education,” affirms John Cedergårdh, CEO of Educatius. “This initiative is pivotal because it recognizes that while students undoubtedly gain confidence and resilience through our programs, they also require support systems to deftly navigate the emotional challenges that may arise.”

John Cedergårdh, CEO of Educatius Group

Educatius’ comprehensive approach

Resilience Asian Student

Resilience training

Designed by seasoned teen psychologists and mental health experts, Educatius will provide nuanced resilience training to students; but also, to their parents, agent partners, and host families. To support students’ success, their host families and natural parents need information about the project; and knowledge about how crucial their role is and what they, as adults, can best do to support the student.

This training will add additional multifaceted layers of support. Participants will gain insights into managing common experiences such as homesickness and culture shock, as well as how to access available support resources.

The Global Youth Resilience Index

Resilience is a critical skill for today’s youth to navigate a complex future. The groundbreaking Global Youth Resilience Index by Educatius is a comprehensive study of teens that spans 9 countries across 4 continents. Gain insights into the resilience of our future leaders and the influences that shape them. This report is a must-read for anyone invested in the well-being of global teens.

Download the report

Policy review and alignment

Educatius will conduct ongoing internal reviews of acceptance policies and resources across its various organizations to ensure transparency, alignment with best practices as defined by teen mental health professionals, and ease of access for students and their support networks.