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Four differences between Canadian and Spanish High Schools

Since I arrived to Canada, I’ve noticed a really big difference between Spanish and Canadian high schools. To be honest, I prefer the Canadian way of educating high schoolers better, but I also believe both education systems are some of the best in the world.

Here I’ll tell you four differences I’ve noticed and my opinion about them:

  1. The most noticeable difference between Spanish high schools and Canadian high schools are the level of fun. Comparing the two education systems, you know you will have a fun and productive day when you enroll at a Canadian high school. In Spain, I used to dislike school because it was a real stress. I felt as if I didn’t learn anything important. Here in Canada, you learn more useful and relevant subjects, which helps a lot of students who really don’t love going to high school.

  2. Depending on your classes, Canadian high schools do not send students a lot of homework. I am grateful for having less homework because it gives you more time to relax and do the things that you enjoy! In Spain, I usually had 2 hours of homework a day! That prevented me from being able to draw or just watch a show that I liked. I kept building up stress which wasn’t healthy for my body.

  3. Moreover, Canadian high school classes are more enjoyable. The classes are focused on having fun and learning instead of doing an intensive amount of work. I can affirm that you learn more by having fun than by working all the time. For example, in Spain we would learn how to do an equation and repeat it during the lesson repeatedly. In Canada, we incorporate a game into the lesson and have fun while learning.

  4. Finally, the Canadian high schools are more targeted in what you want to study in your future. They let students choose which subjects they want to take. Also, high schools will also guide which subjects are useful for what you want to study in the future. They are both fun and useful. You will enjoy the course and at the same time you learn cool stuff.

In conclusion, I would say that I’ve enjoyed studying at a Canadian school more than in a Spanish school. Someday I hope someday every country has the same education system as Canada.

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