Educatius Group 2018-2019 Service Promise

Our Service Promise

About Educatius Group - High School Programs for International Students

Taking the utmost care of the international students entrusted to us. From start to finish.

Each destination and program has its processes and unique characteristics.  Our Service Promise covers SELECT and Academic Exchange High School Programs in the USA, UK, Ireland and Canada (in Canada, only where Educatius Group recruits and manages the host families).

Educatius Group staff will provide:

  • A fast, clear admissions process for applying to schools.
  • A carefully screened host family who speaks English as their primary language and provides a safe and supportive living environment, 3 healthy meals per day, and arrangement of transportation to and from school and extracurricular activities. These families will be presented to each student before school starts: four weeks before school starts on SELECT USA and Canada program; two weeks before school starts on Academic Exchange Program.
  • Intensive support during the first 30 days, including airport pick up, practical details (help setting up bank and mobile account) and an interview with and Educatius Group international coordinator within 48 hours of arrival.
  • Clear and prompt communication before and after student arrival.


  • If an application is incomplete, you'll be notified immediately about any missing documents and prevent the documentation from being submitted. If the application has all completed documents, it will be submitted to the requested school(s) immediately. An admission decision will be reached within a 10-business day time frame (what we call the 1+1 time frame), except schools that require host family placement before the issuance of an acceptance letter.
  • We will provide you, in advance, a list of schools which will not meet the 1+1 time frame for admission decision and issuance of acceptance letter, or  which require host family placement before the issuance of I-20 so you know which schools might have a delay.
  • Our Admissions Program Advisors will contact every school before the start of each new intake to confirm the validity of the admission requirements we have on record and also to reinforce to the importance of the 1+1 time frame for admission decision.  

Student Placement in a Host Family 

  • Our Host family team will begin the placement process when they receive an application containing sufficient information to adhere to the placement guidelines.
  • We will place students in host families that have been screened through a process that includes a detailed application, an in-home visit, reference checks, criminal background checks for all members of the household 18 years of age or older, and a review of publicly accessible social media accounts.
  • On a best effort basis, we will place students with host families that match their profiles as exhibited in their student applications.
  • We will always place students in host homes where English is the main spoken language. The Host family will provide: a bedroom with adequate space for a bed, dresser and desk (may be a double or single placement), three balanced meals a day including the option to pack a lunch on school days, timely scheduling and meeting of needed medical appointments, arrangement of round-trip transportation for student to get to school for classes and for after-school extra-curricular activities. Transportation mode can be private car, school bus or public bus/subway if school is located in the city where easy car access is limited. The mode of transportation that can be provided and additional transportation cost (if applicable) will be detailed in the host family profile.
  • For SELECT programs produced by Educatius, students will receive their host family placements four weeks prior to school start. For Academic Exchange programs, students will receive their host family placements two weeks prior to school start.
  • In the event a permanent host family cannot be confirmed prior to a student’s arrival, a welcome host family will host the student for a maximum of eight weeks.

The First 30 Days Student Experience

  • The host family, the local coordinator, or occasionally a courier (in the UK and Ireland) will pick up the student from the airport. It is important to provide flight information no later than 10 business days prior to arrival!
  • Airport pickup information will be shared with the student at least five business days before the student arrives.
  • The host family will orient their student on house rules, guidelines, chores, family activities, etc. to ensure a smooth transition into life in their new country.
  • The host family will help student to open a bank account if needed and allowed for minors by the bank (not applicable in the UK or Ireland), and mobile phone plan subscription if needed.
  • The Local Coordinator will meet or make contact with the student within 48 hours of arrival.
  • The Host Family, Local Coordinator or Regional Manager will confirm student’s meeting with school guidance counselor for course selection.
  • The Local Coordinator will check in weekly with student to provide necessary guidance and support.
  • The Local Coordinator will prepare the student progress reports around the 15th and 30th day from arrival and send them to the agent. 

Local Coordinator Support

  • 24/7 emergency support is provided via a toll-free number: US/Canada: +1 800 301 6014 UK/Ireland: +44 161 428 4867 4.2
  • The Local Coordinator will check in with students a minimum of every month after the first 30 days, and document a monthly report on academic performance, host family, social and cultural adjustment and overall student progress.  
  • The Local Coordinator will mediate should conflicts arise between student and host family.
  • Throughout the program we will provide on-going support to each student on school, host family or other social life related issues.
  • The Local Coordinator will assist with contacting school’s guidance counselor on course selection matters.
  • The Local Coordinator will assist the student with re-enrollment for the following academic year.
  • Prior to student’s arrival, contact Client Experience with any inquiry. Client Experience staff will respond within 24 hours on business days.



  • After student’s arrival, contact the Student Experience Team for any student-related inquiry. Student Experience staff will respond within 24 hours on business days.




In case of emergencies, Educatius Group students should contact the appropriate 24/7 emergency number:

  • US/Canada: +1 800 301 6014
  • UK/Ireland: +44 161 428 4867