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Inaugural Dual Diploma Graduation Ceremony in Paris

Paris, France – [October 8, 2023] – In a unique event, Educatius Academy proudly hosted the first-ever Dual Diploma graduation ceremony at a picturesque hotel in the heart of Paris. The ceremony saw students from France, Italy, and Spain donning iconic red gowns and caps, symbolic of a quintessential American high school graduation.

Proud international students celebrated the milestone that has taken them through a cultural exchange program in America, followed by the challenge of taking online courses offered by Washington Academy while completing high school in their home country. The result: the attainment of the prestigious Dual Diploma.

This event to remember was organized by JEV France, ensuring that students could experience the unforgettable experience of a full American graduation. At the ceremony, beaming students were presented their American Diplomas by Marissa Carroll, Assistant Head of Washington Academy.

Gregor Ulmer, Assistant Director of Collège Episcopal Saint Etienne, remarked on the significance of the Dual Diploma, calling it a “wild card” that opens doors to prestigious universities. He emphasized the tremendous potential it holds for these graduates as they embark on their higher education journeys.

The students themselves exuded pride and excitement as they donned their red caps and gowns, symbolizing not only the culmination of their academic efforts but also their readiness to make an indelible impact on the world. The Dual Diploma program has equipped them with a unique set of skills, including:

Mastery of Two Languages: Achieving proficiency in two languages at an advanced academic level, a critical asset in an increasingly globalized world.
Adaptability in a Digital Environment: Successfully navigating high school both in-person and online, demonstrating their readiness for the modern workforce.
Tangible Academic Strength: Showcasing their ability to meet the rigorous academic standards of two distinct educational systems.
Determination to Excel: Proving their unwavering commitment to go the extra mile to achieve their goals and make a lasting impact.

These skills, highly prized in the academic and professional worlds, offer graduates a competitive edge in their future endeavors.

The Dual Diploma program offered by Educatius Academy is designed to empower international students to create a truly unique educational path. It allows them to combine their high school courses in their home country with online courses from an accredited American boarding school, even including credits earned during a traditional USA cultural exchange program. This flexible approach to academic achievement provides students with limitless possibilities and opens doors to an array of academic and professional opportunities.

Educatius Academy congratulates these graduates on their exceptional achievement and looks forward to witnessing the remarkable impact they will make on the world.