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Educatius launches premium academic counseling service Futurum

Educatius, a 20-year old leader in international high school programs, is pleased to announce the launch of Futurum, a bespoke service for ambitious and talented international students. Futurum is designed to help students secure coveted spots in the world’s most prestigious boarding schools.

“The competition for entry into the top boarding schools in the USA and UK is fiercer than ever,” said Ms. Teri Silvestri, Senior Advisor to Futurum and National Chair of the Parent Committee for Phillips Exeter Academy. “At Futurum, we understand that achieving admission to the most competitive institutions demands personalized guidance – allowing each applicant to stand out among the top students of the world. This service is our answer to those extraordinary students who strive to be exceptional.” 

Futurum’s academic advisory team is led by Ms. Teri Silvestri, Dr. Jason Zhao, Educatius’ President of Special Partnerships, and a team of academic experts. With their experience and a state of the art digital platform, ambitious students receive multi-faceted support they require to meet their goals.

To celebrate the launch of Futurum, Ms. Teri Silvestri, Dr. Jason Zhao of Educatius and students from Philips Exeter Academy and Princeton University are embarking on a tour across China, in conjunction with MetLife China’s EduCare program, starting August 20. This series of in-person seminars will help parents and students understand the key dynamics of applying to the top ranked USA high schools and receive personal guidance how to prepare your child. Candidates who meet Futurum’s high criteria will have the opportunity to interview with Ms. Silvestri.

So far, Ms. Teri Silvestri has been interviewed by MetLife China’s network and has appeared with Dr. Jason Zhao and top school students at well attended events by MetLife China EduCare clients in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Chongqing. The tour will wrap up with MetLife China EduCare events in Shenyang and Beijing.

Ms. Teri Silvestri will return to China, accompanied by top American and UK boarding school admission directors meeting with partners and their students in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing from September 20-23.

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