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Perfectly prepared exchange

Embarking on an exchange program is a once-in-a-lifetime journey. Global Skills Prep Camp is ideal for super-charging your preparation, including powerful skills like cultural awareness, self-esteem, AI tools to support learning and confidence in speaking English.

Elevate global skills in 10 online sessions
This is a 15-hour online course with 10 sessions designed to boost your success in academics and lifelong learning. We tackle the unique challenges of international study and exciting experiences abroad. The course not only enhances your English and global skills, but also prepares you for the social, emotional, and cultural aspects of an exchange program.

Confident, Connected, and ready to roll
By the end of the course, you will feel ready to attend classes, make new friends, and explore daily life in your host country. Additionally, you will have connected with other exchange students with whom to stay in touch during this unforgettable experience.

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Quick facts:
  • Price: EUR 600

  • 10 classes of 90 minutes each – a total of 15 hours.

  • The course is open to all students preparing to study abroad, no matter the destination.

  • Every student who successfully finishes the course will be awarded a certificate of completion.

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Can I participate?

You are welcome to enroll in the course if you are in the process of preparing for an exchange program, no matter the destination. It’s suitable for all students with a B2 – C1 level of English. We will ask you to complete an English test.

What do I learn?

Learning to Learn
Emotional Development
Building Self-esteem
Critical Thinking 1
Critical Thinking 2
Cultural Awareness
Culture Shock
Collaboration & Social Responsibility

How does it work?

You are placed in a class with other students also preparing for their study abroad program. Materials – following the Cambridge Life Competencies Framework – will be engaging with a range of text, video and supported with activities and discussion forums on the complementary online platform. We’ll send a welcome letter before the course begins, packed with dates, links, and all the details you’ll need.

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