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Overview of courses


Humanities studies the history and development of human thought and culture. By focusing on literature, history, philosophy, art and film.

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Government and Economics

Investigate the basic principles and purposes of government, as well as methods of governance at different levels.

Sociology and Psychology

Examine personal experiences to understand the internal forces playing on the behaviors of individuals and societies.

Peoples and World Cultures

Develop a greater understanding of the people you share this planet with by studying a diverse range of societies.

Modern US History

Dive into a chronological history of the United States from the 20th Century up to the modern day.

Principles of Personal Fitness

Learn about the Physical Activity Pyramid and plan fitness-for-life programs for you and others.


These online language courses will boost your language proficiency and help you better understand and communicate in English, German, or Spanish.

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Freshman or Sophomore English

Improve your English comprehension skills by reading high-interest literature written from different cultural perspectives.

Spanish I and II

From basic conversation to grammar and vocabulary, develop your Spanish to use in every-day life in addition to written and verbal expression.


Tackle key mathematical concepts and discover ways to solve complex problems with these math classes.

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Explore advanced mathematical models, including exponential, logarithmic, rational, and piecewise functions.

Algebra I and II

Deepen your understanding of the basic operations of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, ratios, and percentages.


Geometric concepts will be studied from an algebraic perspective, focusing on triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, and more.


Explore the complexities of different scientific disciplines in these classes and learn to solve intriguing problems by asking the right questions.

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Foundation of Physics

Tackle the complexities of motion and accelerated motion, forces, energy, waves, light and optics, circuits and hydraulics.


Dive into microbiology to learn how cells work, use energy, communicate, reproduce, and develop to sustain life.


Build a solid foundation in the fundamentals of chemistry through lectures, lab work, and engaged problem solving.

Marine Biology

Learn basic physical, chemical, and geological oceanography, plus the taxonomy, evolution, and ecology of marine flora and fauna.

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